All White. . .Always?

In the course of a few months it seemed to become almost impossible to avoid Angela. She joined the club that was a member of. I sat one afternoon chatting to a married couple who had just introduced their 16 year old daughter to the club. They were explaining that although 'Karen' was comfortable with nudity in their home, entering a club of more than 250 members was being an ordeal. As we chatted we tried to just gently bring Karen outside and into a conversation. Tentatively she came to us, her juvenile whiteness was almost symbolic of her purity. Our afternoon was passing well and Karen relaxed even when we were joined by four others (two couples)and a boisterous 3 year old boy. There suddenly I saw Angela standing watching our group, she smiled as I looked at her, then she moved directly into our group, my friends initially looked puzzled, then to my amazement she told them "Patrick should have introduced me, I am Angela a very close friend." Now I was stunned! this strange but beautiful woman who I didn't really know at all was calling me 'a very close friend'?
I went into the pavilion and saw that Karen had put shorts on but no top, she was hesitating about walking towards the bar. Mainly because there were only 3 naked young lads at the bar (all around 20 to 24) and also because she felt awkward as a 16 year old going to the bar for a drink for her mother. I went to her and told her to take a seat and I would get the drink. Just as I moved around a small group of people and turned towards the bar there she was again, the white woman, Angela and she had a drink in her hand, she smiled and spoke almost directly into my ear, "This is your friends drink, I will be here for you, just waiting, eventually I get what I want!"

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