All White . .NOT!

Although the club grounds covered 26 acres and consisted of mainly natural woodlands with some small clearings, it began to be almost impossible to avoid Angela. One Wednesday afternoon I got myself stretched out on the lawned area of a seemingly disserted club, as afternoon sun lulled me into a very pleasant dreamy haze my mind wandered off in happy thoughts. After around about 2 hours I began to feel the suns powers fading, opening one eye I expected to see a cloud had partially covered the sun. Not only was I not looking up at clouds I was looking straight up between the legs of Angela! Though I can accept that many men would delight in that sort of view, I instantly felt angry that it was her again. Up on my feet I was about to let rip with a torrent of very strong words, then I saw 3 young children, 2 girl twins & a slightly older boy. My words had stopped in my throat, then Angela spoke, " These are my little ones, they are here to meet you & get to know you." Her voice seemed to be in some kind of 'excited mode'. All of the children were unclothed and quite calm about being ushered towards me. I knew right then that I must take strong evasive actions and sort out this crazy situation. Calmly I told Angela, "Please put your children into that play area, I need to speak to you quite strongly." She looked shocked, after briefly hesitating she got the small ones suitably occupied with toys & other playthings. I sat her on the pavilion steps and I stood behind the thick wooden posts of the handrail.
I had to be blunt & direct, she sat posed looking up to me and calmly brushing her hands around her inner thighs. I turned my eyes to look directly at hers. With breath drawn I began to speak in steady & firm tone, for once her smile vanished. "I don't want to know your motive nor your ultimate ambition. ." she was about to interrupt but I raised the palm of my hand to stop her, I continued as my anger again surfaced. ". . but it stops here & now. For more times than is reasonable you keep appearing in almost every one of my days. Fortunately not always naked thankfully because even you have some sense of decency!" It was clear my words were hitting home, she closed her legs together and folded her arms across her ample breasts. I spoke again but looked away because somehow her new modesty was likely to put out my vitriolic mood. . " You seem to think that by flashing your breasts into my face and putting your vagina right to my eyes, you can somehow seduce me and fulfil some devious plan. ." I paused to gain breath and to next go for the vocal impact. ." whatever your plan is I'm telling you very clearly. . no fucking way are you getting me, either into your life or your pouting cunt!"
Suddenly she burst into tears and ran towards her children, at the doorway she stopped and speaking between heavy sobs she gasped . . "You really don't know me. . .I want you. . I am having you!"

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