All White again?

Sitting in the 'cooling area' with only the immaculate 'white woman' I felt strangely uncomfortable while she was completely relaxed? I couldn't figure why (with a lifetime of nakedness behind me) this quiet beautiful woman had unnerved me. Just once she lifted her head and smiled at me, her eyes were amazingly blue & sparkling, she patted the wooden slatted seat next to her and said "I'm Angela, I want you to sit with me please". For a moment that seemed to last I hesitated, then I spoke "You look amazing and as white as virgin snow, I'll stay right here opposite you so that we look directly at each other." Suddenly she stood up and leant her face in towards mine and said calmly "I know what I want and I do get it." then she turned and strode out through the curtained doorway.
When my friends Judy, Gail, Tony & Ken came in I must have been sat in a trance like state, Judy asked "What has happened to you, you look as if you're miles away from here in your head?" She walked around and sat near me, Gail & Ken sat opposite and Tony sat with Judy. Tony nudged me and glanced at my groins to my shock I saw I had an erection! The quietness that followed was good although I knew that some eyes were trying to avoid looking at my slowly relaxing penis. My mind was racing back to when I was with 'Angela' and her amazing blue eyed smile, just when & why did my manhood suddenly stand to attention? Why oh why had I not realised, what had happened in that brief moment to cause such a reaction?
Later while we were all getting dressed ready to leave I noticed that 'Angela' had already gone. As I picked up 'pass card' from the desk I saw a folded paper attached. I opened it and read "Eventually, I get what I want". I felt so strange, confused, uncomfortable, pleased but suspicious. Who is 'Angela' and why could I again feel my groin reacting?
I'll tell you how it evolved, another time. . . .

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