All white loner

When I went to a naturist swim/sauna way back in the early 1980's I was trying out a completely new experience. What I didn't know was that although the majority of people there were friends of mine, there was a woman there who was to have a big impact on my life. The usual routine was (apparently) to have around 1 hour of sauna & then 45 mins in the pool. As I joined a few friends in the sauna I seemed to have my attentions drawn to a lone female. Two things got my immediate gaze, firstly her skin tone (compared to everyone else) was milky white! secondly she was so beautifully timid & seemingly very alone. She wasn't trying to hide any part of herself, in fact she calmly sat legs open and arms loosely by her side. Her face however was turned downwards and she didn't join in conversations or laughter. Although I later tried to get her into a chat with just 2 other women plus myself all we could get from her was that this was her very first ever naked social event and she wasn't 'into conversations at anytime'?
Find out later in my next blog, who was this milky white novice and how did she have a major impact on my life at that time.

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