‘And they were naked – and not ashamed’: Church allows nude worship

'And they were naked – and not ashamed': Church allows nude worship

A church in the US state of Virginia has taken the bizarre decision to allow its congregation to attend services in the nude.

Pastor Allen Parker, the leader of White Tail Chapel in the town of Southampton, said he came to the decision to allow naked worship after concluding the clothing requirements of other churches were overly 'pretentious', and decided his own flock should be free to forgo such materialism if they desire.

He believes he is in good company too, claiming many of the most important moments in the Bible happened while the protagonists were nude, including Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. more


6 thoughts on “‘And they were naked – and not ashamed’: Church allows nude worship”

  1. Why must the reporter foist his own opinion on us? The church has made this decision, but the reporter has to describe it as a “bizarre” decision! Typical Daily Fail.

    Otherwise, yes it is good news and well done to the pastor.

  2. That’s amazing and progressive. I had to read it twice. Congratulations to Pastor Parker on being so practical and showing his congregation that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of.


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