Barely Living

I used to think that 'normal people' would not take too kindly to nudity right in their own line of vision as it were. The sight of a naked person when you are not quite expecting it must surely take you 'out of your comfort zone' I guessed. About 2 years ago when my wife and I realised that to some extent we were going to be much more restricted in our mobility, much more confined to our immediate locality, that we made a joint conscious decision to begin living each and every day 'just for us'! That is to say that from eyes opening in the morning to eyes closing at bedtime we would make our own choices & decisions priority. Part of these choices was the one that said either one of us, or both of us, could spend as much time naked each day as we felt the need to. Now obviously there has to be some restrictions that 'society' places upon us. We can't go outdoors into public places nude, we must be careful how we use our garden without clothes. BUT.. indoors, in OUR spaces we can do just as we please!
Yes we do have visitors both family and friends, yes we do have neighbours sometimes knocking at the door and we have parcel deliveries, post deliveries & even Tesco grocery deliveries. The one rule within our house is that we are naked by choice if indeed that is our choice, family & friends visit by choice too. The majority of our family accept our social nudity, as do the other visitors. We say (if we need to) at the door, "We are naked, do you want to come, or do you choose to leave?" Many come in and soon 'acclimatise' to the situation. Neighbours who just happen to come to the door take 'pot-luck' and accept that. We came to an agreement with our grocery provider that they would contact us if any of their delivery staff had any objection to delivering to naked people, probably just a naked male. In over 20 months and many weekly deliveries we have not had a single complaint or refusal to deliver by them.
In short my perception that 'normal people' would be offended by nakedness in their midst seems to have been wrong! We are surprised its true, but then again we are in our own zone, we do give options, we are sometimes clothed. BUT.. we much prefer our new found freedom, we prefer… barely living!

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