Becoming a Social Nudist

The first thing someone new to social nudity notices is how friendly and accepting everyone is, how non-judgmental they are about your flaws, your weight, your age or the color of your skin. No matter how reluctant you are the first time you take off your clothes, other nudists make you feel good about yourself right away by simply including you as part of the whole. You notice how quickly you forget that belly that sticks out a little too much, or that you put on little too much weight. They don't seem to notice those veins on your legs, or your breasts are sagging, or your penis is too small. You simply begin to feel like everyone one else.

As you begin to realize how refreshing it is to feel fresh air on your skin, you also realize you want to meet these people, to learn their names and get to know them. You realize you are glad you're there and that you want to find an excuse to leave right away, after all. You begin to realize you have never felt this comfortable in a social setting before, that things that bother you in your everyday life no longer seem to matter because you are learning about what is important in life. You realize that you like looking at the people you are meeting, and that they are looking at you, accepting who you are, enjoying the endless diversity of the human form. You wonder why everyone doesn't do this, and why so many are so misguided about the human body.

You laugh at yourself as you think about all the crazy thoughts you had when your friend invited you to come to this party. You wish he had invited you ages ago. Already it's one of the best things that ever happened to you, certainly the most exhilarating, the most enlightening, the most adventurous thing you ever did. When you notice the clock on the wall, you regret the evening is passing so quickly, and wish the night could go on forever. Not one person you have met failed to offer a smile, to extend their hand and say they are glad you came. They all seemed genuinely happy to meet you and made you feel comfortable about being here. Not one of them made you feel self-conscious, or made an inappropriate advance, or suggest any motive other than wanting to know you better.

As the evening draws to a close, you look around and reconfirm you are naked among other naked people, marveling at how good being alive suddenly feels. Thinking about putting your clothes back on touches you with a feeling of sadness, a feeling of loss of the freedom you have felt these few hours you've been here. You get dressed determined to relive the evening as soon as possible, realizing you have reinvented yourself, that you number among the fortunate few that has the nerve to try something new. You feel lucky to be among those who know, who understand how to appreciate being human, who enjoy celebrating the human body.

As you drive home, you think of ways repeat the experience, places to go where you can get out of your clothes and be a free spirit. Maybe you will invite the people you met to your house for another clothes free evening of fresh air, good wine and good conversation. Maybe next weekend you'll take a drive to that nudist park that's not far from the city. Or maybe you'll drive down to the nude beach you've heard about. One thing you know for certain is the moment you get home your clothes will come off again, and tomorrow you'll try not to pity those who will never find the nerve to do what you did tonight, that will never know how wonderful it is to be naked with other people.

10 thoughts on “Becoming a Social Nudist”

  1. Yes, being nude socially is a step up from being nude alone, and is highly recommended for anyone who hasn't tried it. I expect everyone can remember the first time they were naked socially. You find that people are still people whether they are wearing clothes or not.

  2. "Refreshing" and "exhilarating" are the words that stick out for me from the first time getting naked socially … The great thing is that I feel the same sensations every time I get to a place where I can get naked in the company of others: you never quite get so used to it that those feelings cease …

  3. My condolences Martin, your life will never be the same again. My head still swirls a the intensity of the pleasure derived from the simply being clothes free. Naked feels so good, and the people are so nice. It's like find a treasure inside you, that you can share and never use up! And the crazy textiles tell us it is bad. I just want to knock their heads together!

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