Summer is coming….time to brew some nice light beers

Ok seriously. I just wanted to update those folks who might want to see my kegerator. Too bad you are not local, because I would welcome you to my garage for a cold beer. Anyway i just wanted to show you the old 1970's junk refrigerator a good friend gave me.. Thank you God for the Grain you provided.

photo 3

There are 3 photos on my Flickr page. Enjoy.

Other than Beer making I love film Photography. Someday I want to do some Nude Pinhole Photography… Someday.

I built my own 4×5 pinhole camera. Here it is..

4x5 Pinhole.  Homemade fun.

other than pinhole, I shoot 35mm, Medium Format 6×6, 6×7, 6×9, but really love the Mamiya RB67 and the Hasselblad 503cw. Love that Zeiss lens. Upgrade to film… ;))

12 thoughts on “Summer is coming….time to brew some nice light beers”

  1. That is very nice! I would love to set up something like this (no…exactly like this) and learn to brew beer. Since I moved to Colorado, I started hitting up the local brewers and restaurants and took a liking to IPA's (wow have they got a kick!). I have always been a fan of darker, richer beers.

    But a good home brew, I would love to get a hold of. Well…I guess all these brewers started off as home brews.

    • It's fun. I like Left Hand Brewing. They are in Colorado.
      I got the fridge hardware from

      I do All Grain brewing. A cool website is and Look on YouTube for Northern Brewer. They do a brewing channel. I'll bet there are some beer shops in Colorado that will teach you. Also look up BeerSmith2 on Google. It's beer recipe software. $35. And you can download recipes.
      If you download the software, I will send you my Blue Moon Clone. Slice an orange and put it in the beer, and it's bliss.

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