Body Acceptance

Many people are at odds with what their body looks like. It may be their bodies in general, or certain body parts. They are grateful nudity is generally considered shameful because that perspective allows them to keep their bodies hidden under a layer of clothes.

It's a well-known fact that women have more problems with body image than men. It's difficult to not sympathize with them. After all they are bombarded from the moment they are old enough to pay attention what the female body should look like. They can't have wrinkles anywhere. Their butts can't be too wide. Their breasts can't be too small. Their skin must be smooth and flawless. Even their inner labia must be the right shape, size and color. It's shocking, and a bit sad, how many women are subjecting themselves to labiaplasty these days.

Men have body image problems, too. Often it's because of their penis size. Too small. Even average sized men wish theirs was larger. It's amazing how many men are so self-conscious about their penis size, they keep themselves covered in gym locker rooms, and this kind of modesty seems to be growing generation by generation.

I speak of penis size issues from experience. Feelings of inadequacy, like it did with me, often begins when small sized boys hear comments in the high school locker room. Once someone asks you why your penis stopped growing, you have problems with it the rest of your life. It's one reason I couldn't get involved in naturism until I reached a more mellow age. Still I sometimes look at other men with a twinge of envy. Where they have a swing and sway, I have a bobble and bounce. In any group of men, I'm always among the smallest ten percent.

My negative feelings are finally behind me. By ready many articles on penis size acceptance, I've come to grips with my size. In fact I enjoy being a small guy. I think this is why I enjoy social nudity as much as I do, because to social nudists size simply does not matter. I can disrobe with a group of people and feel like everyone else, just another glorious example of human diversity.

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  1. I know what you mean. My thermometer usually reads about ten degrees colder than what it really is. On a cold Michigan winter day my northern breeding will pull that poor thing in and it's GONE! But when the time is right, there's plenty there for what it's needed for. It was enough to get me a son.

  2. Thanks for the moral support, Happy Bare. It's nice to hear from guys of modest size. Actually I think we look better than guys that are hung like mules. Our penises are the main focal point of our physical persona. And I know what you mean about cold weather. Here in Texas is usually good and warm.

  3. Don't sell yourself short. Most men, me included, think our dicks are too small. As it turns out when are hard, we are all in the average range, and the women don't care anyways. Sure, you hears stories about thunder dong and see photos, but it's mostly hype. I love being naked, I love the feeling of freedom and I love my dick. It is just part of the whole package. And if you w3ant to see how small your dick will really get, come to Canada in winter. You'll never be worried again.

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