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Christmas & New Year events are obviously happy times to enjoy, not always! We decided to just have a small, cosy  group of people in our home to celebrate with us. We had near family people, we had neighbours from both sides of us, we made it really clear that it would be ‘clothes optional’ too.

Christmas event, the afternoon party went well, everyone joined in with the festive mood, some clothed, some naked, everyone happy until one neighbour brought along her ex-con sister! No sooner had she arrived did she start drinking large glasses of vodka, (which Lisa [our niece] had brought for her own use) then she loudly and with vulgar words began explaining what she thought about nudity, old people naked & women who sat there with just panties on (Lisa, for her ‘condition’). Of course we eventually got this crude vulgar drunk and the neighbour evicted, but that whole thing was spoilt and the atmosphere ruined.

New year eve, a similar group of people in same happy attire (or lack of!) and because of our generous forgiving nature we invited both neighbours again but insisted that no other person should be brought along! We enjoyed the early evening and we were almost 100% naked except each neighbour, which was fine because they were happy too! Then my wife took out to our patio a bag of empty cans & 2 bottles, suddenly a hand grabbed her neck from behind! an aggressive female voice said ” I’m reporting you to the police tomorrow, you organise lewd nude parties!” My wife was propelled towards the doorway and the same woman from the Christmas event went back through a neighbours gateway! My wife came back in crying, visibly shaking and there were clear red marks to her neck & throat!

That party ended right there! the police were phoned instantly but. . . because for them it was an exceptional busy night, we were just given a “crime log number” and we’re told an ‘investigation may be held.?. Two weeks later all we’ve had from the police is 3 phone calls saying ” An officer has been assigned and investigations will begin?”. We used to have a lot of pride & respect for our british police, now that is very tarnished.

Do you think my description of both events has had an effect on the police? have the words ‘naked people’ influenced police action ( or lack of?). You decide ?

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  1. This is a terrible thing to have happened. The ex-con may have a problem (may??) but I agree with Roger.
    I have read in the on-line community group “Next door Neighbor” the same complaint about the police being too busy with the increase in crime to bother with “minor” actions. I hope that the assault on your wife will bring them to your door.

  2. I’m not British, and I’m seeing this from a couple of thousand miles away, so take that into account. However, from what I’ve been reading about crime in the UK, it seems that the UK police are more and more doing very little about minor crimes. Even, in some areas, to the point of not even recording the reports for anything that doesn’t result in serious physical injury or large property losses. If that’s true, then I don’t think the nudity had anything to do with the lack of police response. Rather, it was due to the crimes not being serious enough for the police to bother with.

    I hope they do take some action. You and your wife don’t deserve to be assaulted like this, and the person who did it needs to be punished.

    • Thanks for the comments Roger, my wife still feels in a state of shock. Lisa was at one point wanting to ‘punch the lights out’ of that foul mouthed lout, but in my opinion that would just make Lisa as the bully and loud mouthed tyrant.

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