What a year, so far !

I’m not really sure what think about 2018 so far, there has been more emotional stress in these first weeks for my darling wife. She has also been the victim of a physical assault. At 4 feet 8 inches she hasn’t the stature or strength to fend off an assault. She has several medical issues to cope with along with a usually ‘timid’ nature.
After the assault and during the police investigation, I suffered a fall and dislocated two fingers ! Our fabulous niece has suddenly become unemployed, now she discovers her car has been vandalised and had graffiti painted onto its roof, ” naked bitch is here free!”
So maybe the next months will change our ‘luck’ around? Maybe the cops can detain a phsyco bully, maybe a job and a repaired car will appear for Lisa? My fingers will heal but I still need daily personal help.
So come on 2018…. give us reasons to be happy, give us some sunny days so I can get my loving family to the coast and wide open freedom.
Have you had a good start to a year ?

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  1. Thank you for all the good wishes. I am recovering but can barely walk the half mile around the block I live on.
    Sheila is much much better as the treatment cleared her lungs as well as her heart.

    I have seen many people here and in my own circle of friends and family battling chronic illnesses. We all have something. Happy March and change of seasons,

  2. I am out of the hospital after having some of my liver removed but not as much as they thought. Plus the cancer was caught early (leftovers from my colon cancer 7 years ago) so I guess it is all good news. My wife survived her triple heart by pass surgery last year and she is better.
    My three daughters have been in and out lending a hand so I guess all is positive here.

    • We send our wishes for your quick & total recovery Greg. Also we have to say that your wife is amazing! With the strong love flowing from your daughters and the unbreakable bond with your wife, you are in a fortunate, wonderful place my friend. Stay strong, all of you !

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