My friends will notice changes. I will be trying to stay under the radar as I appear to have acquired a stalker via another nudist website. I don’t want to lose the good friends and acquaintances I have from among online nudists, but I may have to. Pray that the idiot that tracked me down by *PHONE* took the hint went I played stupid. I am twitching right now because it scared me to the core.

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  1. Oh gosh, that’s not good news. I’ve had problems in the past but thankfully the two main antagonists have taken their foot off the gas. Both individuals are socially inept and that appears to be a hallmark for stalkers, that and leading a sad lonely, largely online life IMO.

    Don’t rely on changing your ID or staying under the radar, the idiot could well find you again. Report them. It’s an offence.

    Perhaps get someone who could be perceived as nicely intimidating to send them a message, politely. Keep copies of all the correspondence.

    Block them and report them to the respective phone companies too. Scum like that deserves to be outed quite frankly. Stalking is cyberbullying, intimidating and reprehensible

  2. I’m sorry to see that you have problems with a pervert stalker Judith, it’s such a bad thing that females get these sick & unstable people following them. Be careful what you post Judith until the sick fool is revealed. Stay calm & carry on contacting friends & people you trust.

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