Better or Worse (one)

I have realised for many years how much love, happiness and kindness has come my way, maybe its fortunate that a majority of life events happen by chance. We can pre plan some things, we can take advantages when we spot a 'lucky-break'. I maybe didn't take all the right paths but that could have been through mistaken info, it could simply be that an alternative offered better prospects at that moment. One of my luckiest breaks was of course being born to very loving naturist parents. Although back in 1951 they had never used or understood the words like 'naturist' 'nudist' or even 'textile' (not in the context that we all use now!). Seeing my parents naked or partially clothed wasn't anything I would have thought about throughout my early years. I was aware of love & kindness which I suppose then became happiness. My sister 'appeared' some 18 months after me and just seemed to make the 'happiness' stuff more abundant. I did of course soon spot the difference between her and me! (she hadn't been given a willy!)
The early years will become more documented in later blogs, if you should ask for them?
I put my theme of this one as "Better or Worse" because apart from in wedding vows we often take life's options for better or worse without truly trying to force a trend one way or the other. Yes we may choose one job before another, we may choose a house or area to live, or maybe even when & who to marry, what we can't do is know what was the best choice until after the event. (often way after!). I have known most of my happiest, love filled and kindest of times with naturists, or as my late parents would have said "ordinary sensible people with no muck between their ears!".
Through my life, my relationships & my marriage not many happy events were clothed or 'textile'. Not that anyone objected to my family life or my social life being 90% nude, because they always had 2 choices, keep your pants on or take 'em off! The ones who walked away missed so much happiness, kindness and love.
More will follow, but for now stay happy, be kind and be naked.

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