Camping at last!

At long last I was finally able to use my new tent…and NOT behind my apartment this time…
I went to a very old naturist resort in Millersburg, Ohio called Alpine Resort. A very simple and rustic area in the middle of a small woodland and surrounded beyond that by farmland.

I arrived Saturday afternoon to meet my friends from the Northcoast Naturists for a day of relaxation and an Italian Feast in the evening. The temperature went to 90+f in the afternoon, a bit warm to sit and play in the sun, so we sat in the shade of a canopy and a few tall evergreens and talked. What a peaceful way to spend a day! Clothes free and worry free. If only everyday could be so open and easy.

Ellie, the proprietor, was the nicest hostess you could imagine. Ellie and a few of the residents, and Rob from NCN slaved away in the heat cooking up our feast, with a little help from items brought by our members. After this bountiful feast, we sat and socialized with the resident members and had a great evening, once again relaxed and clothing free.

After all of the food and getting up too early, I found my way to my tent at the edge of a meadow…in the dark(flashlight? Oops!)and fell into it and dozed on and off all night. The cicadas are amazingly loud when there is no others sounds around! ( ) Also during the night I heard a Great Horned Owl called and a few other birds and mammals I was too tired to identify. I awoke at a little before 5:30am to the chorus of morning birds all trying to outdo the others! The crescendo kept rising and rising and I had trouble trying to figure out who was who! Directly above my tent was a Gray Catbird singing his crazy jumble of songs and a House Wren advertising for a mate to fill the vacancy in his abode. Both of our resident species of Cuckoo were truly going cuckoo with the feasting of cicadas! Such an odd sound to hear from a bird. There were songbirds galore, owls, woodpeckers, flycatchers and flyovers of a Bald Eagle and a Red-tailed Hawk.

I finally tore myself away from the birds, had a quick shower and headed to a wonderfully filling breakfast and a little socializing. After that, it was back to the meadow to sit in the glory of nature with my true self and bask in the sounds of the birds all around. There is truly NOTHING to compare with sitting out in the cool of the early morning, feeling the sun covering and warming your body and simply listening to all that is around you.

It was hard to put clothes on to travel back home, but I am still glowing in the new friendships I have made and the feeling that I am a better and freer person without my clothes and trapping of society.

Oh, and I ended up with 29 species of birds that I could identify! Life is good.

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  1. Early mornings are a great time of day and camping often encourages me to get up early – as soon as the daylight lights up the tent… Isn't that how we are meant to live?

    I'm so pleased you had such a good time; you deserve it.

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