Don't Push!

If we had kept up our membership of a local naturist club we would now be marking our 25th anniversary there. If I had chosen to mark my years personally as a naturist I would have counted 65 this last April. If I had kept count of all the naked people of all ages, nationalities & religions that my eyes have seen I would have run out of numbers! So when I am asked for advice about naturism by 'newbies' I usually say something like, "If you feel comfortable, relaxed & happy, then do it" There's no sense whatsoever in feeling pressure to conform to naturism any more than conforming to any kind of textile lifestyle. Don't just get naked, embarrassed and uncomfortable to please a partner or a friend, nor to push yourself into trying out what you think might be 'great'. I would say that you need to feel completely comfortable after the initial 'exposure' as it can be. There are many reasons given by us naturists to get into the natural state & free your body & soul to the elements, but all of those reasons are invalid if you don't really want to do it.
There are many hundreds of males who just live to get naked as often as possible, but then try to pressure their wife to join them at a club or beach. I know many clubs are unlikely to accept married males without their partners, I accept that a lone male can appear 'threatening' on some sandy shore holiday places, but there are places & times to enjoy your own nudity without dragging an unwilling partner along. (it can cause marriage break-ups!}
The thing I would heartily ask anyone who has an active & fulfilling naturist lifestyle in any location (home or away) is to not be worried about other people knowing you are a naturist. Don't boast or 'over talk' the topic, but the only way we can get naturism more widely understood is to be candid & sincerely honest. Maybe by doing that we'll not only make it more accessible to all 'newbies' but we could find all those reluctant females (or males!) suddenly thinking "That sounds so good & comfortable, I'll give it a whirl!"
Enjoy your lifestyle choice, at ease!

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  1. One needs to push a little sometimes. Like most wives, I guess, my wife was hesitant at first, I dragged rather than pushed her to a nude resort some years ago. Naturism is now something we both enjoy; if I had given up at the first bit of resistance our married lives would be poorer. How much to push (or drag) before giving up? I don't know, but I am very glad my wife did agree to be dragged, (and so is she).

    • I'm pleased that you are both happy in your naturist life & I wish you every happiness together.
      It seems to have worked out ok for you, dragging your wife to naturism but I know from speaking to hundreds of other husbands, it doesn't usually work out.
      I was surprised however a couple of years ago to meet an ex work colleague and his wife nude on a private poolside. It was even more surprising to hear that she had taken him on a naturist holiday a year earlier, without him realising where they were going!

  2. I have never pushed. My wife is not into this and thus at this stage I'm not allowed to engage in social nudity. Whenever the discussion does come up I'm openly discuss this with her. I'm hoping that over time she will allow for me to attend a social event and she may join in even if she remains fully clothed.

  3. I've never kept it a secret that I'm a nudist, and I'm happy to discuss it with anyone who's interested. As you say, I'm not boastful or pushy about it – it's just part of who I am. I have an 'N' window sticker on my car, but it hasn't generated any questions or comments. That's no problem – I'm a nudist for myself, finding other people who are interested is nice, but I'm not going to proselytize.

    • Good for you Roger, I don't see that talking about naturism is any different to talking about any other topic. If asked then talk about a naked option to textiles, being open and sensible will bring naturism away from the idea's & impressions that most 'textiles' have of social nudity.

    • Same here. I openly discuss my naturism with friends and family. All my friends know and some family members know, including my parents. I do not proselytize but speak openly if the topic arise. I used to have a sign on the door of my home that stated that visitors are entering a naturist home. I am not ashamed about my naturism hence why I am open to discuss freely. The only place I am not open about it is at work. My co-workers and I do not discuss life outside of work. I do not see them as friends and my relationship with them is strictly professional.

  4. Comfort is the key. If one feels awkward or out of place, they shouldn't do it. I tend to feel more awkward in clothes, but the choice isn't mine. I have my home time and my weekends to relax and escape the textile world and I'm comfortable with that.

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