Cancer is. . . . . LOVE!

Cancer. The one word that strikes fear & dread into most peoples hearts. To suffer any terminal illness is both tragic & beautiful! Though that may sound like a very odd thing, I know from personal family experiences over a few decades, that the heartache & tears of coping with a loved ones shortened lifetime is sweetened by the enhanced & beautiful love emotions that come into sharper focus. The laughter that can be released is perhaps more purposeful, the little 'accidents' that occur during bed-bathing are hilarious. The moments of harsh truths are solid & hurtful, but they are shared. I have nursed a sister in her final weeks, just 22 years after my dad suffered a similar end of life. My lovely nephew Keith most recently left us in October. The hurt is strong and cuts deep into all other feelings, the little moments that bring that unexpected tear to the eye. There are phrases & odd words that can shout louder into every fibre of your being, but, the love & the joy that we know with our treasured souls is truly magnificent. In an odd way I feel sad for anyone who hasn't felt that warmth, who hasn't known that love & truth. The minutes of being truly together with such raw feelings are beyond magical.
Cancer is a killer. Cancer is a really terrible thing. Cancer has shown me love, in those times so significantly shared with a piece of yourself, shared with fibre & blood unique, it is a sensation that can truly be defined in it's most purposeful & sincere way, sharing on such a personal level lasts more than any lifetime, that kind of LOVE lasts forever!
Be strong, be sure, smile & cry, share LOVE.

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