Knocked Off My Feet.

When I was around 15 years old, (nearly 50 years ago!) we travelled to visit my aunties house for a holiday. My mother was the twin of my auntie. My sister was 13 and we had two female cousins we were going to see one who was 17 and another was also 15. Our father passed away when I was just past my 8th birthday and these journeys from one part of Yorkshire, in the coal mining area, to another Yorkshire region which was in the fish trawler industry. Not exactly varied or exotic holidays but we were in fact travelling back to the town that my mothers family all lived in, for many generations. My mother was very careful to see that we got good clean clothes for this bi-annual trip, not new clothes, this was still in a tough period for families with no direct 'bread-winner' in them. These vacations were a way of getting my sister and I away from coal dust & grime layered streets to a coastal place that had clean air (Though laden with the smell of fish!). Our cousins enjoyed our visits, we lived a much more open life having been born to a naturist dad & a mother who had embraced the whole concept of social nudity. Though I have to confess we didn't even know the word 'Naturist' existed! Our parents just preferred to be clothes free when ever it was practical, we only knew that way of life. So our arrival at aunties house unleashed their restrictions & set a mode of comparative freedom into the scene whilst we were staying. Of course Uncle had (way back in our past!) objected to so much bare skin on show, but after a few times of seeing my mother naked and knowing that a young female was developing into womanhood naked before his eyes, he was relenting with less & less effort.
For a few hours after arrival we would remain clothed, often setting out the sleeping arrangements and the places where two suitcases could live for around 12 days. My older cousin came into the bedroom where we had been storing our few belongings, I suppose her next actions & words marked the first real time that my teenage brain had truly noticed the female looked different to the male. She said in almost whispered words, "Since you came last year my breasts have got much bigger & I have much more pubic hair!" As I absorbed her words I was silently watching her undress, in a few deft moves she stood before us wearing only her big baggy yellow knickers. Yes her boobs were bigger, proud & pert & so much nicer than my young sisters 'lumps'! I watched in stunned awe, she pulled down the front of her knickers to reveal a thick auburn patch of hair that amassed a the base of a line of hair that trailed downwards from her navel.
The only words I found myself mumbling were.. "You've got real tits!". My sister thumped me so hard I fell off the bed! I sat on the floor laughing, my sister laughed, my cousin laughed hysterically, my auntie was coming upstairs yelling "What The Devil Are You Lot Up To?".
In the next few days we were indeed 'Up To' many things, more of which I may reveal later, depending on who wants to have more 'revealed'?

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    • I have relatives in Anlaby, Dawnay Drive. We live off Priory Road nearer towards Cottingham.
      My auntie whose house we went to all those years ago, lived in First Lane Hessle. Another auntie lived in First Lane Anlaby and we often walked between the two. (Long before the heavy traffic that uses the A63 now!).

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