For the life of me I don't get it. On one hand our society seems thoroughly engrossed in the human body. You see it in advertising, movies and TV shows and magazines. Adult websites are among the most popular sites on the Internet. Fire departments and other institutions produce calenders of nude firemen, athletes and average guys to raise money, and appear to be quite popular.

Many women seem driven to wear the sexiest clothes, the shortest dresses, the tightest pants, the skimpiest swim suits, yet they cringe at the thought of exposing their nude body. Everyday I see women, even middle-age women, wearing tights so form fitting, absolutely nothing is left to the imagination. At the beach many women wear such skimpy swimsuits, they are all but naked, especially when the suits are wet. Whether they realize it or not, they are drawing attention to their private parts more so than if they were nude. They have no idea how wrong they are by thinking social nudity and sex are one and the same, when it's the clothes they wearing that inspire sexual thoughts. The men that are gazing at them are wondering what they would look like completely naked. In a nudist park the men know; a glance gets them past gets them past their natural curiosity, and interested in getting to know her as a person.

Men don't wear the revealing clothes that women do. They feel attractive by wearing stylish clothes, making the most money, driving the most expensive car; which apparently is what makes them sexy to women. Many of the simple pleasure in life have fallen by the wayside. I occasionally read disturbing articles about materialism and male social perspectives. Long gone are the days when boys swam naked together at the YMCA. In today's locker rooms, many men younger have become modest and will be careful to avoid exposing themselves when they change into their gym shorts, when getting naked with other men can be such an exhilarating experience.

Of course not all men are this way, but these perspectives are becoming more common these days. It's a shame so many people carry around so much "moral" baggage, that they refuse to understand how to appreciate and celebrate their own bodies, that for some reason they can't see past the indoctrination imposed by misguided moral codes and ancient autocrats.

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