Clothing optional society ???

My friend Maurice (Moe) posted a picture, taken from twitter, in January on Facebook about what naturism and nudity, as we see it, is not. This week someone reacted to it and a whole discussion went on, where Moe stated at the end of it that he preferred a clothing optional world. Well, wouldn't we all. Today, I was antagonised, because I was made fun of behind my back (real heroes), for my shorts. Why? It happens to be that since the nineties the length of shorts has been growing and growing. At first I thought it was fashion, but now I believe it's some kind conspiracy and a tendency to keep a men's body (not women) as hidden as possible. I personally hate those long 'shorts', because they're just to damn hot. So I am wearing this week my new shorts, MAGNUM P.I. style (will post picture), because I think this is a normal/natural length. It got me thinking about Moe's posting and also what my other friend Paul said about normal and natural. We are a long way from a clothing optional society if having regular shorts, let alone being in your natural state, causes more uproar than women wearing a burka in OUR WESTERN SOCIETY. I must say it hurts me very much, always being proud of our Dutch tolerance, having to experience this. Simultaneously is awakens the rebel in me: I will keep on challenging society and 'screw them' narrow minders.

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  1. Thats great leo.dont worry my girls"anger venting" is enough for both of us when the "we know best" set try to tell her what,when and how we should be doing.ha ha ha.ouch!!!. :-). Thats my her to bits.

  2. Just to reinforce my last message Leo.If you're completely honest in your own beliefs as religious people are and you,like myself and millions(not 000's) that Naturism is a big part of your life,then what others think is totally irrellivent.believe it.My girlfriend and i live our dream naturist life at every opputunity.Who cares!.Who matters!.We do,your nudist family

    • Oh, believe me Chris that I don't give a hoot about what others think of my family or more specific me concerning my naked lifestyle. I do care about disrespect and intolerance against ANY lifestyle or forcing ones believes upon someone else. The snickering of people sometimes triggers me and I want to give them piece of my mind. This time I vented by writing a blog and that got the pressure of 😉

  3. my sentiments exactly.bigotry.thats the word i was trying to think of before
    So leo it is upto us and our wider naturist family to make a stand agaimst them.The laws need to change to reflect public opinion.My family friends and work collegues know im naturist,but i dont try and convert them and they dont try and convert me to there religious ideals.Its called tolerance and individualism.naturist now,naturist forever

  4. See that is the problem with western thinking.We seem to live in what i call a fad world.What is acceptable one minute is not acceptable the next.short shorts,Naturism,topless bathing etc.Yes media outlets may prick the social conscience and they may influence peoples thinking,not dissimala to making people think that reality TV is real.but the truth is its a very small number of influential people in this world that force and i say force our way of wear your short shorts,go nude what ever and dont let it prick your conscience." Be you" because you are.

  5. Shorts are sold in different lengths, 5", 7", 9" etc (US lengths). I choose 5" which is as short as you can buy (sport shorts may come shorter). I have cutoffs that are really short but my wife does not want me to wear them in public because dangly bits fall out. I don't care. I wear them any way.

    I have a pair of split shorts that are cut so they have no inseams. It is really just a short kilt that from a distance looks like shorts. I do yard work in them and even cut the lawn in the front in them. I really do not care what the neighbours think. My wife is another matter.

    I would cut the grass in the nude and have. I frequently garden in the nude (front and backyard) but have a basket to hold in front should someone come. I just say good day and they go on their merry way.

    • I didn't want to use old jeans, so I bought a pair of pants on sale for just 9 euros and had the legs removed for another 9 euros. It was much cheaper than the 30+ I needed to pay otherwise. I have lost 3 sizes 2 years ago and I am rather tall (6'4"), so it's always difficult to find good trousers, because my legs are to muscular for my waist size and most won't fit. The pants I have are the still the bigger ones (you can do much longer with your clothing with a naked lifestyle) but they fit perfectly for my legs. Officially my pantsize is 30/36 (waist/legs), but I buy a 31, otherwise it's way to tight in the croch area.

  6. As women's short approach "zero-inseam", men's "shorts" are approaching "high-water" length. "High-waters" were those pants which a person could still wear, but the legs were too short.

    When I go outside, my favorite pair of shorts is Nike running-shorts, which have a two-inch inseam. There are people here in the park who think those are too "risque".

    We are VERY far from being a "clothing-optional" society, and I can't see it getting better any time soon.

  7. Like you I dislike long tight shorts. So tight and restrictive. I have been looking for short shorts for men. Damn hard to find. Among the popular brands the inseam is from 7 to 9 inches long! Absurd. I found a brand called 'Chubbies', yes, much shorter, but the leg hole is too restrictive for active wear. I would like a pair of shorts that ride really low on the waist and proper leg holes so the air can come in. Gee I hate clothing.

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