Cold, Cold, Hot Event

New Years Eve 1988, the temperatures were well down into the ‘minus’ numbers, snow & ice lay several inches deep, around the club grounds every living creature had found a ‘warm’ haven. Inside the clubhouse more than 40 people were warm, naked and merrily soaked in many various alcoholic beverages. Along with a very attractive black haired slender female, I  stood outside the clubhouse, naked, very cold and waiting for the count down to usher in another year. In those long, long minutes Linda and I became really cold, our well tanned and well ‘uncovered’ flesh began to visibly shake. Although we really didn’t know each other that well it soon became essential that we should ‘cuddle-together’ to share and increase body heat. Locked in a tight combination we were soon pleased to hear the “Auld Lang Syne” melody bouncing around the drunken mass inside. We had found a ‘recess or alcove’ where we could perhaps get this warmth bonding more effective. Then came the inevitable countdown to the new year, Linda & myself shuffled in our locked naked cuddle towards the door, as the last 3 seconds went down we peeled ourselves apart, as the door came open, in that exact second, a crowded room saw us step apart and Linda looking downwards gasping at my erection ! !  Somehow the very loud ‘cheering’ seemed to be ‘insignificant’ as many more pairs of eyes were transfixed on that doorway scene, not helped by one drunken person yelling “Have you let her new year in?”.

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