Corona without clothes?

Having been in ‘almost lockdown’ at home for a few weeks now, I’m eagerly looking forward to better weather conditions. Next Sunday and Monday should be ok with temperatures rising up to 19 degrees here in Northern Germany.. But then, should I just go to the beach and practice social distancing there? The naturist beach will probably be empty enough to keep the required 1.5m distance..

5 thoughts on “Corona without clothes?”

    • I did go to the beach, which was nice, and there were some people naked, but unfortunately I didn’t have any protection against the cold wind, so I had to keep my clothes on.. :/ Better luck next time!

      • That’s often the way it is on European beaches for certain. Maybe some places to the west of Europe and the far east don’t have ‘cold wind’ problems.
        Better luck next time Jos, maybe you could go prepared for the wind direction ?

        • I guess it’s just partly because it’s still early spring and much of the beach vegetation hasn’t grown yet. For now, I’m thinking about buying one of those wind breaks..

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