Do I have to ?

My sister had two children as you'll possibly already know if you have read my earlier blogs. Her first born is Lisa who was always an inquisitive & thoughtful soul, the second baby was a boy, Keith. He was just the typical boisterous and loud child that inhabits most families! Many are the stories involving these two, individually & as a complementing duo. So here today I'll talk about Lisa, who still seeps into my very soul, she calls me dad2 and I love her as if she were my own. One incident I recall quite easily from her childhood shows not only her studious & inquisitiveness but her natural innocence which sadly leaves all children as teen years arrive.
When she was 7 years old she would readily play games & enjoy time with Keith inside their home. One day this suited their mother very well because she decided she could do with having a bath & the children could quite easily play in the bedrooms away from any dangers, just for a short time. So with the kids undressed and happily playing Lorraine sat back in luxurious soapy relaxation. Occasionally either one of the twosome would come into the bathroom just to check 'Mum' was still there. Lorraine rested and dozed lightly as the suds enveloped her. Then she was suddenly aware that she wasn't alone anymore. Opening her eyes slowly she saw Lisa sat on the lowered toilet seat in deep thought. "Tell me what's on your mind?" she asked the pensive child. Lisa did a deep meaningful "Umph" as she deeply sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "Mum," she began "when I grow bigger can I be a boy?" Lorraine gulped and steadily probed "Well no love, you are a girl and you can't change" Lisa looked frowning back and with determination she asked "Well what happens then when I stop being a little girl?" Lorraine just knew there would be an underlying reason for this questioning. She answered, "You will soon grow into a young lady, then into a woman, that's the way it happens, just as it did to me love!"
Lisa jumped down and stood nearer to her reclining mother, looking and pointing directly at her mothers breasts she asked "Do I have to have them!". Lorraine held back her laughs and answered "Yes of course you'll have breasts love, all girls grow breasts as they become young women. Lisa paused in deep thought for a short time then replied with serious face "BUT! they don't have to be as big as them do they!"

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  1. It has been my observation over many years that women who have small breasts want bigger breasts. They spend a lot of money on breast augmentation. Women who have big breasts want smaller breasts. They spend a lot of money on breast reductions. I suppose there must be some in the middle who are happy just the way they were made, but I've known more of the other kind.

    I wonder what gave this little girl the idea that having large women's breasts would be undesirable? Surely she didn't just invent that out of thin air.

    • Thanks for your observations Bob. I don't think Lisa thought women with large breasts would be undesirable, it was most likely that she didn't want to have large breasts to weigh her down, she was (and is) only of slim build.
      P.S. Lisa has actually got 'medium' sized breasts now. I repeated the 'bathroom' story to her as she stripped off here one day, she laughed at those thoughts.

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