Down to bare details?

In our home there isn't too much clothing to be seen, either on ourselves or carelessly abandoned on some furniture or floor. If some random textile visitor is in our home they firstly have to overcome the nudity then possibly they may discover some item of discarded underwear etc. A few days ago (after a phone call which explained our lifestyle & nakedness) a woman aged around 30'ish and a man aged maybe 20? came to talk to us about the suitability (or otherwise) of our new home. The woman soon appeared to be at ease with myself, my wife and my niece all being naked, although we noticed her eyes had fleetingly surveyed all parts of our anatomy that could have been less visible. The younger & more uncertain male was very certainly trying not to look at breasts & genitalia that came before him. My niece who (at 36) moves around usually quite quickly, and had only arrived here just a few minutes before our guests, seemed to be looking for something as she poured coffee. The man found his eye's were drawn (almost magnetically?) to Lisa's breasts. After a session of questions and suggestions the visitors were almost ready to leave, we gathered up various documents that had somehow littered the coffee table and the floor, whilst reaching down to pick up a stray A4 sheet the woman laughingly said "I think I have seen what you may have lost Lisa!" she pointed towards the back of our recliner chair and on the floor, " your knickers & bra maybe? "
The laughs were joyous around the room as Lisa retrieved her underwear, the young man's face was once more crimson in colouration, he was making haste towards the door. Lisa stepped forwards to escort them to the front door and the man still nervously looked directly at Lisa's bottom and for the first time he smiled and said "Usually I see young females in tight fitting jeans and I can maybe see the outline of panties, now I see clearly what is usually hidden & the knickers are in her hands!" As they had left we three felt happy & relieved that it all went well. Lisa noted with laughs that in the original phone call to arrange this meeting, when our nudity was mentioned, the caller said that a male would need to come along as an escort? What for? He would probably have been little use in any 'difficult or awkward' situations arising.

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  1. Most people are starved for the sight of other members of their own species. Most people view photos on Internet frequently. Its about half of all internet traffic. But most people don't get to see actual flesh and blood bodies, not ever. When someone does get to see a real live human its a shock and disturbance. We all need to change that by being seen more often by more people. Friends and strangers. In our homes and in public places.

    Seeing a human body is are non-toxic, GMO free, low carb, environmentally sound, gluten free, and non-dairy, but not high fiber.

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