Encouraging more women to join?

What do people think about how we might encourage more women to join the Naktiv site? I'm never going to expect parity but, as with female take-up in naturist/nudist venues, a little more balance wouldn't go amiss. I see having more female input as a counter to the otherwise overwhelming male contingent. This interests me on a more general level also, as to why men so clearly outnumber women in nudism, but not in the sex industry, for instance. The point being that clearly it's not the nudity alone which is a barrier.

This is a topic which has clearly been a constant question for traditional naturism/nudism as well as our more advanced style of naktivity, and perhaps this is a theme which the naked and active contingent can also address with more enthusiasm and success? While it's still early days for the site, perhaps there is something specific we can do to encourage women to join? Do we want more women on board is also a question, to which I think the answer is certainly yes, but perhaps that needs discussing too.

Given the answer to the above is affirmative, then we might need to consider site content. I'm thinking that promoting the artistic side of nudity, body-painting, drawing and painting, sculpture, is relevant. Also the health and wellness aspects of naturistm/nudism, being naked and active, is also of importance. Posting blogging links from the Naktiv site to various female-relevant sites, suggesting "comments welcome" might be a positive step, for instance.

Comments welcome.

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