Is it your partner you respect, or their clothes?

Respect need not be a fear-based emotion, true respect begins and ends with character. Respecting a person's rights to hold a view is not synonymous with respecting their view. We can disagree in general and specific terms on principles and implementation, but no-one can say that any one of us is indefatigably correct in all cases, or that one rule fits all, history indeed informs us reliably otherwise, no matter what the (various – choose one) "good books" might say.

Declaring a set of more or less arbitrary rules for people to unthinkingly follow, which are expected to be applied in all cases at all times, is food for intransigent gods whose very idea, being anthropomorphic creations at best, can be seen as sufficient reason to encourage free-thinking, freedom of inquiry and unrestricted individual action, in and of self. We require the ability to break free from authoritarian rule, in whatever form it may disguise itself. It is not necessary for us as people to be controlled so constantly, for human potential to be realised. What is necessary is that we all have the freedom to choose what each of us do in any given situation, so long as no harm is done to anyone else, and that this freedom be respected.

If you have an issue like this in your relationship, maybe you, or your partner, need to let go of a little control? Try a little respect instead…

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