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  1. Hi Brian.
    No it’s not this cache. It’s “la baballe” GC74Q9J
    I sometimes write on my log that I’m doing a “randonnue” (naked hiking) without any reaction.
    On my public profile (jmf38) it’s written: “Associe volontiers geocaching et naturisme.
    Easily combines geocaching and naturism.”


    • Thanks JMF, I see it now, and well done for being bold enough to put that on your profile and in some of your logs. It is to be hoped that you never do get any negative reaction and in that way can help to normalise Naturism. But then I think France is already ahead of the UK and especially America in that respect. Perhaps I should find a way of slipping in a casual mention on my profile…

  2. Thanks for posting this link JMF; I had not ‘bookmarked’ your blog before Naktiv went down and regretted my failure when that happened. I have added it to my favourites now and enjoyed reading about some of your naked geocaching adventures, thank you. I have also looked at your part of the world on geocaching.com and you have a LOT of caches available to find!

    Would the one with the tennis ball be “La Balle Perdue de Montavie” by any chance? – I did a search for caches in your area with “balle” in the name and that was the only one – If so, I’m guessing you are the little crocodile… 🙂

    Have you ever mentioned your state of dress in any find logs and if so has there been any reaction, good or bad? Have any other local cachers found your blog? I have occasionally been tempted to mention in my logs that I was “doing the series naked”, or some such, but I’ve always thought wise of it and not done so. Equally, although like you, I have pictures of me finding caches naked, I have never attached one to my log – that probably would be foolish!

    All the best and Happy Caching…

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