Hair and Piercing

People often ask me how do I get such a close shave, I then tell them that I bought a home IPL laser hair remover, so now very little hair grows, the occasional touch up is all I need on most parts of my body. pubes and arm pit hair pretty much doesn't grow any more, legs are the worst because of being such a large area, I don't get round to treating them as much as I should, but the growth rate is much slower.

I also have a foreskin piercing with a tiny black ring in it, it prevents my foreskin from retracting while the ring is in place, to retract the foreskin the ring must be removed. I like it. The inevitable question, what about hygiene? I can get water inside to rinse it out and that is all that is necessary as soap upsets the bacterial balance inside the foreskin which is necessary for health. Why do I wear it? It helps me to feel non sexual because I can't access what is inside the foreskin, if that makes any sense, and as a man who has chosen to be 100% celibate for the rest of his life (100% celibate means no sex of any kind, not even masturbation) feeling non sexual is a good thing for me and my chosen lifestyle. I like my piercing and it is the only piercing I have.

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