I use to hike a lot and one day decided the clothes had to go. Just a hat was fine to deal with the bugs and light footwear. Resorts are my favorite, but national forests will do and trails next to water. You have a good excuse here if you want it.
And I am not young so I had rather be with someone. In retirement, I hope to visit the hot springs in AZ. and I hear NC. has some. We have a few trails here where you sign in on a stand at the trail. If the parking lot is empty I have no good reason to wear clothes even in cool conditions.
Remember also, to practice Leave No Trace.
And if anyone pops up I just explain I am the Naked Environmentalist!

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  1. I appreciate that. The broadcast will be in my back yard or vacant land or during hiking but not always nude. It may go daily. For now I am listening to Humpty Dumpty Tribe but want something with civil language and regional and not as judgemental.

  2. I hope to get a you tube channel running soon to do weekly updates in my area on climate changes that I see that are affecting people and all creatures. I want to broadcast nude when possible. Is this possible on You Tube? A network of nudists in other parts of the world is also an idea I hope could done, describing the change there, from weird weather to strange die offs.

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