Holiday meal

Well, I had one of most enjoyable Yule celebrations ever! Not having the will to endure another family dinner I decided to have a small dinner here at my apartment. I invited my long time friend, Cindy, for an overnight stay (some travel involved) Christmas Eve. I just love to cook so I told her that I'd be doing the cooking! Boy did she jump at that! Having 2 weeks off, I kept myself busy with house cleaning and preparations. I live in a 4 unit building (with a central hallway that I use to visit my neighbors au natural) and each tenant knows of and accepts my naturist lifestyle. When Christmas morning came, 2 of my neighbors departed to their own families. Here is where my enjoyment began. I went downstairs to my neighbor later that morning and since she appeared to not have gone to family or friends, I invited her to join us for Christmas dinner. She accepted without pause. We ate at 5 pm to rave reviews!! This set my energy level so high that I was in a state of bliss. My dinner mates were clothed, but embrace my lifestyle. Here it is 2 days away from Nude Years and I have not had any clothes on since Dec. 19th! (except for shopping) I will add a photo to show you my happiness. Happy Yule to you all! Have a bright and festive Nude Years Celebration.

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