Is it true.. he can't bare it.

Some time ago I told you about my niece & her son, both often called in to visit, both are naturists & there is luckily a marriage pending for her & a lucky man she met at a naturist swim. The relationship has been on 'slow bubble' as she puts it for around 2 years! I knew she had met a great group of people since she moved back to Yorkshire, I knew also that her mature 12 year old son was doing really well at school. What I didn't know until about a week ago was that the man she is engaged to marry is a school teacher & he was her sons teacher in junior school.
The fact that he is a naturist & that he also used the same club grounds & swim sessions as Lisa did present some slight issues. It had to be a carefully guarded secret due to some very 'conservative' school heads of department & a very pious head master. Lisa was originally on the parent/teacher/pupil committee before she met Adrian but came off soon after the relationship looked like progressing. The lad has a great sense of priority and understands that there may well have been un-needed problems if it became known not only that his mum was seeing a teacher but that they were naturists.
The other complication that angers us all even more than the 'naturism thing' is that Adrian is from Ghana and his colour is an issue with some folk even if they cleverly disguise it in other topics or 'reasons' in every kind of talk or school scheme. So much so that Adrian is contemplating moving to another town to a more tolerant school.
Lisa brought Adrian to meet us, he is a really good man & his sense of humour & his general outlook on life will be good for Lisa & her son. They have decided to get married at New Years Eve, they will initially be moving out of town to live in Adrian's parents house about 30 miles away.
She laughed when she reminded me of something I said around 5 years ago not long after her divorce, that was, "Make sure your next choice of man is a naturist." she said "Well I followed your advice, but you didn't say he had to be white!"

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  1. i continously surprise people when i ask for a picture in the bdsm community. I am not interested in nudes. I ask for face pic so i can see and look into a persons eyes. when talking directly to a person i look into their eyes. im told it can be very disconcerting.

  2. Many moons ago while with the Bank of Nova Scotia I was spending some off hours with a group of co-workers from Jamaica, Haiti and elsewhere, all black. Two were talking throwing around the "n-r" word. I used it once and was hauled up by the collar. They can but only they can.

    My youngest daughter, 5'4" is married to a black man, 6'4" so I also have to disagree with Bob Knows although I used to believe the same as he.

    • Greg: I hate the word, no matter who uses it, but I am well aware of the double standard. African Americans can call each other that all day long, but the moment a person of other color uses the word, they are the vilest of pariahs. Where is the acknowledgement of the hypocrisy?

  3. first racism is not genetic it is a learned condition. In 1966 my Dad was in Dallas tx. one morning he was in the elevator with a black gentleman and they started talking. out of the blue this gentleman said something that has stayed with me since. He told my Dad " you know its those niggers that are getting us black folk in trouble." over the years my journey has taught me that there are "niggers" in every race and of every color.

    There are many people "of many colors" that are welcome in my house before a lot of whites.

    for us it is not what color you are but what you are inside.

    To the couple about to marry i would suggest they use my favorite reply to people that look down on us , " If you dont like it you dont have to fing look."

    and if you ever get to the american southwest let us know our home is always open and we would love to meet you.

  4. All the best to your neice and her new (and thankfully nudist) guy. Life is surely too short otherwise. I can't understand anyone, especially a nudist, having anything against any other person, let alone a fellow nudist, other than based on a clash of personalities or individual objectionable behaviour. I certainly would never judge a fellow human being on the colour of their skin as, I am pleased to say, I have never been judged for being underweight, especially within the social nudist world. I can only applaud Bob Knows (an ironic name if ever there was one) for seeing into a blossoming, loving situation problems that just aren't there.

    • Thank you Eric, can I point out that it is my niece not my daughter. My wife & I have played a major part in Lisa's life since she lost her parents, we are usually her first point of call if she feels the need for guidance. (We've been handy for free child minding in the past too!) 😀

  5. It is PC to applaud mixed race couples, but I'm not PC. The meaning and purpose of marriage is to create children and join two families in blood. It is also PC to applaud mixed race children, but that will create even more problems for everyone and especially for the mixed race children.

    • Some racist and ignorant comments are better left to yourself Bob Knows. The people who have problems are not the couple of the children themselves but people like you who hold their dated racist views and decide to air them out, especially towards the people it will offend. This is where bi-racial children have "problems". It is not them that is the problem but you who open your mouth.

    • Bob Knows: I applaud your not being politically correct; I also applaud Patrick's respectful disagreement. I was taught the same things you say when I was a child, but I've seen too many mono-racial kids ruin their lives (drugs, alcohol, etc) and too many bi-racial kids succeed to believe that nonsense. Kids will have problems. The key is to teach them resilience, so they overcome whatever problems they have. Life is hard. Be with the one you love, and teach your kids to overcome adversity! They will be much better as adults for having loving parents who teach important life-skills!

    • Bob Knows: Your views on mixed raced relationships and especially on mixed race children are antiquated, distasteful, disgusting, ignorant and frankly offensive. It makes me extremely sad that human beings with such views still exist. If you could spend a single afternoon with my amazing, beautiful daughter who happens to be mixed race then I am certain that you would become a more enlightened individual… That will never happen.

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