Quiet.. barely a moment.

Very Many Years Ago I Had A Different Partner, (Before I married), & A Different Life!

With 4 children in the house ranging from 2 years old to 10 years old there is always going to be noise! Sometimes it's noise+tempers, quite often it's noise + tempers + screams + bad moods! The art of peacefully managing two boys and two girls who seem to be always competing against each other is a skill I never quite got to grips with. Being a naturist household it wasn't always easy to call on child minders or 'baby-sitters' to get some quality "ME time". I suppose the help always came in the form of my partners parents who could do some child minding, they had the skills & the added advantage of being "Gramps & Nanna" from the childrens point of view. From our point of view they were also naturists and well used to coping with noisy angry (naked) children & quite adept at calming frustrated angry (naked)adults too!
One afternoon we had around 2 hours of quietness, my partner & I could lounge around nude and do whatever we wanted to do, for ourselves! Not such a big deal for those of you without off springs around. We weren't too concerned about sexual playing, (4 children are enough!), we just loved our quiet freedom. We made a light snack type lunch, popped on a video and sat on the floor leaning on the settee and felt really good.
BUT.. in just 20 seconds it all changed! We both stopped in mid-crunch of salad at the sound of voices in our garden! Loud teenage type noises. We had a large patio door (minus blinds) directly in front of us, we were naked on the floor! Then two teenage boys & one girl appeared directly in front of us on our patio! We sat rigid on the spot. (not totally rigid!). The two lads faced the girl and had their backs to us. The girl faced us but argued quite loudly with the lads. The girl seemed to be quite upset, then she spotted us, then she said quite loudly "My parents are behind you, if you don't fuck off my dad will batter you!"
Luckily the lads ran off over our back wall. The girl stood crying by our patio door. Without hesitation we both got up and went to see what the story was, forgetting our nude status. We heard the youngster explain that she had been followed by the lads who had said they would rape her when she went down the ally at the back of the houses. She came into our garden because she actually lived a few streets away. The hope was that the lads would run when she came into 'her own back garden' but they didn't. She had to come over to the patio and attempt to come in to persuade the lads to leave.
By this time she started laughing, she said "I was so pleased the boys decided to leave, I saw you sat there naked, I thought that if you had needed to chase them off it would have been so funny!" I laughed too looking at us two nude oldies comforting a frightened girl. I pointed to my partner and said "Yes it would be seeing her run naked over the garden, she was a county champion sprinter 20 years ago, but then she had clothes on!"

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