Just The Spirit/Soul

I have been asked many times why I believe that spirits exist and visit our days. The only logical answer I can think of is.. because they do!. There isn't another explanation to what happens to our sole/spirit after the moment of death. We have various ways of disposing of the earthly material body, cremation is becoming more common than burial in the UK. What happens to the thoughts, feelings, emotions, knowledge, loving & the simple act of just 'being'? The whisp of air that is just less than transparent is carrying so much. I small area of infinity and almost no space at all is taken up by all those years of learning, loving & being. If there is anything at all after our earthly bodies die, there must be a form it takes & a way of moving from one place to another? When you can just sense there's a person standing behind you in an empty space, there truly is someone there! No.. not a person with all the body parts in all the right places, remember they were destroyed at the crematorium or buried in that box. No.. this person is just the essence of that soul, the spirit, the very fibre of its being. When you get that slight but strong passing aroma of someone you've loved & lost, that's just what it is.. a miniscule atom of that person still has the power to trigger your senses, a power to say, "Remember Me?"
So if anyone asks you about spirits/souls, just say, "What will your spirit do when your body is done with?"

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