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    • Hi Charissa. Thank you for your comment. I’m so used to being naked, going on naked hikes, taking naked selfies, that it all seems so normal to me! I no longer see the difference; I no longer see nudity as a step towards freedom or a state of freedom. I am a whole, and I feel free both when I am dressed (among people, with a mask…. here: rather, I feel free without the green-pass; without this leash; that is, as normal and natural as I have been in previous decades. My memory makes me a little conservative: I would never have thought so!) and when I am undressed: I am still me. Being naked in nature makes me see things I’ve never seen before; it makes me realise that there are other things too, not just plants, leaves, paths. But there is no need to say it in words: I know it myself!

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