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    • The sense of shame in showing our private parts depends on society. It is an authoritarian intrusion from the outside that wants to regulate the use of your body. It even seems to want to (publicly) deny the existence of these parts. Probably because with these parts we establish the foundation of society: marriage (i.e.: transmission of inheritance) and birth control. When you realise how external forces (call them government, society, custom, tradition, ethics, loyalty to certain principles) can take possession of and condition the use of your body, even from its simple exposure, then it becomes clearer to you that you have to regain possession of your body to feel truly free from external conditioning. In essence: you will discover that your body, integrity, innocence, the naturalness of your body are untouchable personal values because they form your identity and the basis of your free and personal growth.

    • Hi Charissa. Thank you for your comment. I’m so used to being naked, going on naked hikes, taking naked selfies, that it all seems so normal to me! I no longer see the difference; I no longer see nudity as a step towards freedom or a state of freedom. I am a whole, and I feel free both when I am dressed (among people, with a mask…. here: rather, I feel free without the green-pass; without this leash; that is, as normal and natural as I have been in previous decades. My memory makes me a little conservative: I would never have thought so!) and when I am undressed: I am still me. Being naked in nature makes me see things I’ve never seen before; it makes me realise that there are other things too, not just plants, leaves, paths. But there is no need to say it in words: I know it myself!

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