Living Naked

For the last many months as the weather has heated up in Central Texas, I’ve been spending the majority of my time naked. It has become almost natural now. I never wear clothes in the house and seldom do when outside around the acreage property to mow or work in the garden.

Every once in awhile I’ll put something on just to be different. Usually my short-shorts and occasionally self-cut tank top. Even then, it’s not long before I ask myself, “What’s even the point of this?” The few clothes that I wear throughout the week get hung up on hooks because they only have a little time on them. They’re good for more use before they need washing.

In the darkness of the early evening, I might wander out to the mailbox or sit in the hot tub and look up at the stars while listening to a podcast or relaxing music.

Living naked is a wonderful thing. It saddens me when I think about all the uptight people in the world who will never appreciate it. I only wish I had someone to share the awesomeness with.

6 thoughts on “Living Naked”

  1. Lots of great reasons to live naked…more comfortable, more natural, less laundry/detergent/water/wastewater, more Vitamin D (sunshine provides the most easily-absorbed form), and going barefoot has many healthy benefits, as well…”Earthing” (electrical grounding reduces free radicals), muscles of the feet and legs get more normal exercise and build strength through natural walking.

  2. The only thing better than living a naked life is sharing one with your lover. Even better is sharing one with your family. I have experienced both (and still do). So I guess my poor state of health is the only downside, at 69 years old I’ve had a great life and I am blessed.

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