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Naturist Symbol

November 11, 2020 in Lifestyle

You might have heard about it on other social media, this symbol was chosen as the Naturist Symbol. It is meant to recognize each other even when we have to wear clothes.

A lot if information about the birth of the symbol can be found on the website

And the symbol can be downloaded for free from

Be creative and use it online and in real life to show you are a naturist and meet other naturists that you didn’t even know were naturists.


Naturist Symbol


I write this article because I am the admin of the website

The meaning of online Friends

February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

I received quite some friend requests on this site. That is nice. But what is the meaning of "Friend"? To me it is a person that I want to stay in touch with. Most likely because we know each other in real life or because we had a serious conversation online.
So I put this sentence in my profile " It is nice to receive a friend request, but please only AFTER we had some kind of conversation. It is not my purpose to collect as many "friends" as possible. " And still I keep on receiving friend requests from people that did not exchange a single message.

Maybe my interpretation of "friend" is too oldfashioned?

What is for you the meaning of a friend on this site? When do you decide to send or accept a friend request?

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