Modern Clutter

Has anyone noticed how intrusive modern life is?
There are times when I would like to step out and look up at the stars, or just find a quiet spot to sit peacefully, free of artificial clutter.

If you live in town it's virtually impossible to do without light pollution, power lines, roof lines etc. At best you can find a small window of sky and focus on that. What you can't take in is it's Vista.

Where can you actually go where there aren't roads, power lines and farmland?

I'm fortunate enough to live somewhere that 30 minutes from my house are some isolated National Parks. It's possible to be free of clutter. Indeed to get lost, seriously life threateningly lost.

Many animals have lost their natural habitat due to human activity. Have humans lost their natural habitat without even realising it?

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  1. We went to the deep outback of Australia and I loved exactly what you seek, the quiet, almost no sign of human activity, plenty of opportunity to go nude as there is no-one there to offend and the stars are gorgeous in clear night skies! But, big but, a huge but in fact, the bush flies. They wreck the peace, they drive you to insanity and make you crave for air-conditioning, which they hate. Seriously, have a go driving up the Birdsville Track, expensive but stunning. A few dozen kilometers up the track is a huge bath in the middle of nowhere with free water, no-one about, bathing under an Aussie sun. Brilliant.

    • This sounds fantastic. There are definitely places you can get off the grid if you put your mind to it.
      I think in my case I need to change course so I'm living back where I most like to live. Out in the country. My wife and I started discussing it at the beginning of the year. What it requires to come to fruition is some actual action. I've thought about it enough to know its not just some fleeting desire.
      The picture I have is a small rural block so we can have an orchard, decent veggie garden and the ability to roam free and naked as we choose.
      It makes me think I need to put together one of those vision boards where you get other people to hold you to account.
      I need to do and not just think 🙂

  2. On a Newt tour a couple of years ago (, we hiked up to a more or less barren upper valley, with no roads or habitations apart from a summer farmers lodging. Gloriously isolated place it was, stupendous views.

    Running right slap bang through the centre of it all was a line of huge electricity pylons. It was entirely incongruous and quite annoying to look at, like a scar across the panorama.

    Didn't stop us enjoying our week though, and the views were still quite extraordinary!

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