At Home, Barely

I wonder how many people are truly home naturists? I don't mean how many take all their clothes off at home, because lets face it that would be everybody! No, I mean how many people try to live 24/7 as naturists? When neighbours or family pop around true home naturists stay naked, making only minor concessions for the really shy or unsettled visitor. The reason I ask is quite simple, we are home naturists and we are now finding we're getting much more acceptance and less negative comments. Maybe people are now used to seeing so much bared flesh when they call in to see us, and 'see us' they do! We sat chatting to a family friend and a neighbour yesterday for almost 3 hours, as our neighbour was about to leave she asked "Do you mind if I tell you something quite personal?" my mind raced as I tried to anticipate, she paused for a moment then said, "I may be speaking out of turn as a neighbour but do you know you've got a small brown mark on your left bum cheek?" This was one of those moments when I didn't know if I should laugh or not? I smiled as I answered "Yes I do know, thank you so much for being concerned enough to ask, it's not a problem to worry over it's a birth mark I've had all my life!" With a huge sigh of relief she said " Oh great, I felt awkward as a neighbour commenting on your bare backside but at least I do see things!" After she had gone I strangely felt so contented that even neighbours were able to see my total nakedness and appreciate what they see as changes to my body. So you see, there can be advantages to being a true "Home Naturist".

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  1. I live nude at home providing that its not very cold. Many of my closer friends know that I am a nudist and I remain naked when they visit. If someone visits who is unaware of my nudism I will usually tell them that I prefer to be nude at home, I've yet to have a hostile reaction, mostly they say something along the lines of its my home, do as I please. So my circle of friends who accept my nudity increases and opens up more opportunities to be naked socially.

    It helps that my circle of friends grows to include more nudists as I meet them through my nudist activities. There may often be a happy mix of nudists and textiles at home.

    A bonus is that my openness means it is now fully accepted by some friends that I can be nude in their homes, I've never pushed for this but really appreciate their welcoming of my preference for nudity. If only the wider world thought like that!

  2. Thank you Robert G Longpre for your response. I accept what you say & apologise for the way my words seem negative and wrongly convey my intended meaning. I shall perhaps try to redefine my intended contribution at some later date.

  3. I think what is fundamentally important is that people maintain their individuality and find what works for them.
    At the end of the day, what is it that suits you, and what difference does it make to somebody else's ideal if you do their thing or yours?

  4. Neighbours know & accept that we are naturists so there are only 2 reasons that I wear clothing – 1. When it is too chilly to be naked. 2. When I go out into the textile world. At all other times I am comfortably skin-dressed.

  5. Since my earliest memory I can only recall a very natural attitude in our family home to nakedness. It was never a thing that was mentioned as a separate thing, it was as common as being clothed, parents & other siblings male & female. My younger sister stayed at home until the day of her marriage at 19. We shared a bedroom up to her 17th birthday when she redecorated a spare bedroom & moved in there. We (as a family) had that wonderful attitude to life that is rarely seen now, live natural & be happy. No bad deeds or thoughts would enter our minds or hearts because that is self destructive. So to me being a "Home Naturist" isn't a separate thing, it is a 'normal' thing, it's up to visitors & callers to accept & readjust their opinions, or leave!. Do you live this way?

  6. Yeah i have an very overlooked garden too, not having a front garden is not giving me much privacy to open the door naked but when i know my nudist friends come over i will not oover up and invite them naked to come in. I wish i could open the door naked for everyone. Just not ready to let it go. Always naked at home, just when i have non nudist visitors or maintenance men on the floor. From the moment i come in till the moment i need to be dressed for leaving. It suits me fine. Join in the club.

  7. I live nude as far as possible all the time. I am able to stay nude when some friends come round and be in the garden with care and chat to my neighbours, but I would not agree that as I dress for most visitors that somehow I am not a “true” naturist. The idea of what is such a person is simply a definition issue and there will never be widespread agreement on such “truth”. You see the same argument with “true” Christians, “true” adventurers etc. The very question is wrong.

    The issue is not simply one of staying nude. Whilst many people will accept the intellectual argument about nudity and agree with most or all points about the benefits etc. they may feel awkward when confronted with nudity in the confines of a home. This awkwardness may then lead them to visiting less. OK you may argue that if so they are not “true” friends but life is never that black and white.

    I fully agree that more openness is required. After carefully assessing people’s reaction I can go nude when they are here and sometimes nude at their homes but a degree of sensitivity is also required. It is odd that if I dress when they visit to suit their sensibilities that they do not strip off when I visit them to suit mine, but then the world is an odd place.

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