Monte Gugliemo

This morning I was on Monte Guglielmo, not far from home (45.778040, 10.129992). A beautiful day, a beautiful hike. Behind me the Alpi Orobie (Bergamo). Heading to the 13 Trees (le Tredici Piante).

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    • There was the sun, it was about midday, no wind, so all the warm rays and their reflections were on my skin, the air full of light and oxygen, the view so clear and reaching so far. A day like this isn’t so exceptional. May-be it is exceptional for us having the time to enjoy nature as it is. And I think that my naked presence makes the difference, as to say: Nature has direct messages fo us if we are so open, so clean-living (so naked, i.e. “unarmed”) to let them come in

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