Naked?.. who me?

A poll on this place recently has asked if naturists are exhibitionists. I don't think that is a question that a real naturist can answer. I started my life with parents who were quite comfortable with nakedness within our family home, to the point that actually being naked was no different to being clothed, except of course it was putting clothes on to go outdoors that made it's impression on us. We didn't make a point of being without clothes at any point any differently than any other household, but when we were naked it was nothing to notice specially. I do recall however being amazed, when I was around 7 or 8, that a school friend gasped & then giggled stupidly when I mentioned that I sat on the floor talking to my mother while she had her bath. (The tin bath in front of the fire!). The school friend actually said "Did you see your mums bare titties then?"
I think that was possibly the first time I understood that perhaps not everyone lived the same way! So from that time onwards it was 'known' by myself & my sister that it wasn't always a great idea to talk about home life too much at school, just to avoid all the ridiculous giggles and stupid words for parts of the body. We were certainly not in any way being exhibitionists when we grew through childhood & teen years not caring who saw us naked in our own home. We knew that it was perfectly natural & just the same as having clothes on. In fact it felt strange having to cover parts up when certain people came in our home. We often said in our earlier years "Why don't they like nakedness to the sense it frightens or disgusts them?".
Through early adult life, long after my dad passed away, there were certainly no changes in how we were at home. When we felt like having nothing on that's just what happened. In fact we got less concerned as years progressed about who saw us in varied states of dress or undress. We had developed a technique I suppose for knowing who we wanted inside our home & who we felt comfortable with. We were certainly not worried about any nudity, we were cautious about clothes & people in them!
Now as I get midway through my 6th decade I care even less about who comes into my home while I'm natural, (nude!) my wife isn't a natural (nude!) person although it isn't a problem for her when folks come in, she says "Naked.. who cares.. turn & walk if you are bothered by it." So I say 'NO' I'm not an exhibitionist, but I am pleased that I can be naked socially, after all that's how I'm made. When anyone has a conversation with me and my nakedness isn't an issue, I am just satisfied that 'naturalness' is real, not 'on show' as a difference.

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