Naked Goal of 2015

Hello everyone,
I am planning to introduce my girlfriend to the world of naturisme this year….she is already excited about us doing some naked picnics etc in the countryside around here…I'm hoping she will feel the freedom I feel…if so,I then want to introduce her to camping at my favourite naturist site…A place I know she will feel freedom she has never felt before..
That's my 'Naked Goal of 2015'

Is there something in your Naturist life you have not done yet, that you want to achieve in 2015…??

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  1. If she's already "excited about us doing some naked picnics", then you're half-way there. When Sandra and I first got together, she found my naked hiking a bit strange, "but ok for you". Then she read Nicole's "My first naked hike" chapter from the <a href="">Naked Hiking</a> book. This chapter is so very well written, and enthused Sandra with a curiosity to try it for herself, since when we've been avid naked hikers together.

  2. Some good points made here….. It is simple for me really,I am a naturist….and will always be a naturist,being naked in nature is like a drug for me…and I continue with or without her…but,it is something I want to share with her..

    She did go to a nudist beach some years ago….it was a bad experience for her….she was overwhelmed by it,it killed her confidence…..I totally understand that..!!

    I want to show her that the naturisme that I enjoy is nothing like that at all…She is a very natural/organic woman anyway (she is an artist) We are both into the same things …nature,camping,festivals etc.

    So,in the months we have been together,we have gone from "I tried that once and did not enjoy the experience and would not do it again"…. to "I'm really excited about us being naked together in the countryside having picnics etc."

    That is progress…!!!

    I KNOW, that if we get to the next stage…..camping at the super natural naturist camp site I stay at a lot…she would be so relaxed she would probably spend all her days drawing and painting…. 🙂

    I am not in a rush……time will tell

  3. I hope you both have lots of very happy times together, naked or clothed. Shane makes some very valid points and I do agree with him. So please take some time getting to know each other first Steve, mutual respect is something that is primary in any long term relationship. Ask yourself what is more important to you about your future with your girlfriend, start from there.

  4. This is a great goal that should be quite achievable.
    From my own personal experience I would say that if your wife or partner understands what nakedness is about, they're far more accepting and open towards it.

    Although people often argue the freedom aspect, I'm not sure how sound an argument that actually is. After all, freedom is a relative term and your physical state doesn't necessarily reflect your mental state.

    My argument has invariably been that modesty is a cultural standard that differs from one time and place to another. By that premise it's not so much state of dress that determines one's morale standing, but conduct. As an example you see the most finely dressed people acting appallingly. On that basis dress has little to do with inherent goodness of a person, so it doesn't follow that nakedness is inherently immodest or immoral.

    A second point I'd make is how big a mistake it is to assume anything. My wife is not at this time the least bit interested in being naked. I never thought she'd ever be open to nakedness in any form. To my surprise she is somewhat receptive to the family camping at a clothing optional venue sometime in the foreseeable future.

    These things don't come about in a flash. In my view it's built on communication and understanding. If you yourself don't solidly understand what nakedness is about. If you don't understand your underlying motives and principals toward it, you're not going to be able to explain why you think and feel the way you do to others. I don't personally think, "it feels good" cuts it. Sex feels good, but that's not a sound reason for participating in sex publicly.

    I wish you luck with your 2015 endeavours. I hope your girlfriend is receptive to the underlying principals of nakedness. If so, that will overcome any niggling doubts or self confidence issues that might arise 🙂

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