To be or not to be . . . . .

One of the most famous quotes from Hamlet, where Prince Hamlet debates with himself on the virtues of death and suicide. Now I'm not debating on this but rather to be clothed or not . . . .

I'm a home naturist, never been to a social gathering or been to nude public area. I would love to try out social nudity but as I have a wife who frowns upon the aspect of social nudity, I will most probably never get to go. But the question remains and if I take a deeper look at myself another questions pop into my mind . . . Why???? Why be nude? Why be nude in public?

I never had the privileged of growing up where nudity was accepted. In fact my folks are dead against it. And even our society frowns upon it. There are not many places to go to and late in 2014 the first official nude beach for South Africa was declared. So where did the desire come from to be nude? I don't know. I just feel more comfortable being nude than with clothes on. I don't have a 1 point thesis let alone a 10 point thesis on why being nude is more comfortable, it just is for me.

I'm blessed in the sense that my wife allows me to be nude in and around the house. So won't join me but at the same time she does not try to persuade me to put on clothes. My kids are also fine with me being nude and from time to time they even join me.

Why do I want to experience social? It is basically the fellowship of meeting with other naturist in a naturist setting that I’m really intrigued about. In the end I would much prefer going to a private resort or something than go to a public beach. Some resorts though are clothing free and not clothing optional and I also think this is one reason why wife does not want to go.

Then we must not even start on the religious viewpoint of nudity, this in itself can be another topic.

And so in conclusion to be nude or not to be nude . . . . I chose to be nude!

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  1. Well said Shane. Your comment reminded me that many more things, other than body parts, are hidden by the use of clothing: weapons, explosives and stolen items to name a few. It brings new light to the saying "Nudists have nothing to hide."

    So many people report the same 'quick adaptation' to social nudity that you mentioned that it has become a nudist cliché.

    Do we anguish over that first bite of chocolate or the first sip of our beverage? Fear of the unknown is probably the factor that causes people to hesitate to get naked with friends. Fear can keep us living lives of quiet desperation.

    So why not approach social nudity in the same way we do any pleasurable activity? Jump right in!

    Lighten up people! Live, Love and Rock On!

  2. I can understand your situation given some of the similarities. That is, being quite comfortable with nakedness myself, but being married to someone who isn't themselves.

    Perhaps like you I tried to rationalise it in my own mind thinking, "why is this so relevant?" Why is it oddly pleasurable and intangibly beneficial?

    Aside from the actual experience itself of warm sunshine and direct connection with the elements, I really couldn't pin it down to any one thing.

    Over quite some time I began to realise it's not nakedness that's irrational, it's having to be clothed irrespective of how impractical that is.

    As an example, when it's stinking hot it makes no sense to be clothed. When you're doing work that would soil or ruin clothes in a flash, such as painting or yard work, clothes make no sense.
    When you're swimming or otherwise enjoying the wildness, clothes again are somewhat impractical or significantly inhibit your full immersion into the experience. On this basis clothes are irrational.

    The only reason a social norm has arisen around clothes is a false sense of modesty. Were one actually deceitful and immodest, one would in fact wear clothes all the time.

    Clothes conceal your natural form. All are born naked. Nakedness is the purest form you can maintain with absolutely nothing.
    Clothes project false piety. You can be the most deceitful of people, and yet if you attire yourself in finery you will garner the trust and respect of others based on your presentation alone.

    If you subtract false modesty from the equation, you have very little else left.

    So far as social nudity goes, I'm not convinced it's any different from regular social interactions. The fact is, in a naturist environment state of dress quickly becomes irrelevant. So much so you actually forget to notice. I do at least.

    You're ultimately left with essentially the same old people. Out of the broad spectrum you might encounter, one or two people might be particularly interesting. I personally find anyone who has traveled extensively abroad are often the most enlightened. They've had their minds opened to different cultures and customs, and as such, acquire an informed perspective.

    I think the greatest benefit of "social" nudity is simply being in a larger environment where nobody cares that you're naked. If the opportunity ever arise you should by all means take advantage of it.

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