Newt 2016 status update

hi folks,

to keep people up to date on progress/status: at this time the NEWT 2016 hut is full for the coming summer hiking tour. If you've not heard from us with a confirmation yet, then essentially it's too late for the main hut. We do maintain a waiting list for any places which become available at short notice, so please register your interest all the same. There are also a couple of other possibilities, (read on).

It is possible we will organize a second hut, but this is not certain yet. This depends on a number of factors, not least of which is keeping a reasonable gender balance. What this means is that if you want us to arrange a second hut, then you'd encourage us to make that effort far more if you are a mixed contingent. This is not so very complicated.

Additionally, <a href="/nakedrolie/">Roland</a> has kindly been suckered, sorry I mean kindly volunteered of course, into leading a more independently roving tent group. If you'd like to join this, please contact him directly.

Looking forward to the coming hiking tour!


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  1. I don't get the subtility in the the last paragraph.. does that mean that the two groups do not really meet, since the tent group roams around more or less independently? Will we meet in the beginning and in the end in Salzburg or so?

  2. I can only imagine how much effort must be put in organizing something like that, I think that naked trekking is one of best ways to experience naturism.
    I'm not sure I get the gender thing though (nor I see how reasonable a thing like that can be), but I'm sure there must be a good reason not to have "too many" men 😉
    As I said, I'm very happy to see naked trekking thrive, even if I cant be among you, have fun!!

  3. it's very bad news for me, that the hut is already full. I suppose that situation in 2017, will be the same as now, and we, as a new members have not a chance to get there. If I would be able to convince some woman, to go with me, even if she will be wearing clothes, is there any chance to get there in 2016 still ?    

    • It's impossible to please everybody who wants to come along. We start gathering our participants at the end of the year, so that we can book a hut early, otherwise they are all booked out, and we have no choice. It's not about "new members". As I said on the blog, it's possible we will make a second group, but for that to happen we have to have a sensible mix of people. It's good that more people want to come along, it's encouraging

      • Do you know why I want to go with you so much? Because in our country is no possibility to walk naked in nature also through forest in peace and without fear. And I do not want to hide already, I really want to walk without fear of detection, I want to enjoy it finally. 🙂

  4. Great to hear that so many are planing to participate. However I'm a little bit sad, that the main hut is already full.
    What do I exactly have to do, to get a place on the waiting list? Just select "Attending" on the event page?

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