Goodbye 2015. A very mixed year that brought some serious peaks & troughs in our life. From the beauty of enjoying quality naked time with family & friends on some mind blowing occasions, to some heart breaking & almost soul destroying times when I really doubted my own life.
We saw in the new year of '15 with some positivity even there was a very dark cloud forming. We decided to embrace our naked lifestyle options & make sure that it wasn't going to be any kind of a secret from anyone. We knew some folk would find it difficult to accept, maybe some would turn away after calling out a few words that were both wrong & totally offensive. Some would completely understand, take as just what it is, natural nudity when & where we feel comfortable, which is around 100% of the time at home & with other naturists. In fact we got to a stage fairly soon that whenever we come back indoors from some tedious visit to the outside mad world, we didn't just take off coats & boots, we took everything off! yes we would just get naked as naturally as taking a coat off. The only time that seemed to cause gasps of shock was when we met the local councillor at our door as we got home one day. She is a very lovely & gregarious woman and her infectious laughter has 'jollied-up' many dull events. We invited her inside as we got home from our nieces home, we took her coat and pointed out the route to our kitchen-diner, as per usual we stepped into our ground floor bedroom and stripped nude! I have to say that this was one meeting where our important visitor was somewhat speechless for once.
It was the first of several meetings with her during this past 12 months, all that took place in our home saw us naked, not her! it was to become totally accepted & largely unnoticed.
We also received many 'eyes-wide-open' looks when we had unexpected callers such as charity collectors at our door, some had the pleasure of my wife's ample breasts filling their gaze, some less fortunates found themselves unwittingly scanning my nude torso & toes! We don't have Jehovah's anymore, we still get the Salvation Army! maybe they are hoping to salvage our souls?
In another blog later perhaps I'll get more stories out for you. Maybe the unfolding events of this rollercoaster year will be scripted here for you? I can't honestly say just now, but you can be sure I will be blogging again soon!

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