5 thoughts on “… no less than the trees and the stars; we have a right to be here …”

  1. Another lovely scene, thanks Vittorio. In all these scenes you give us, I do hope that you feel as safe as I did yesterday. All too often on my naked walks I need to be alert to the possibility that a textile might appear at any moment and could be one to make a fuss! Yesterday I found myself in a place where all that fear dropped away, somehow I just knew I was safely alone, so I was able to wander around naked and completely relaxed – a true feeling of freedom. I hope you get to enjoy that same feeling.

    • I will tell you more: it seems to me that nature itself is acting as a shield. While I was taking this picture, a farmer was working in his field about 150 m. away, and he could see me very well. I was there as if I had blinkers, like in an igloo of air. And I knew that the naturalness with which I moved “arrived”… As if a Martian had come down. And I also knew that the very naturalness of my nakedness stripped the farmer of all his defences and alerts.

      • My ex & myself (many years ago!) had a naked picnic in a small clearing in a forest. We had walked miles & seen nobody. Half an hour later another couple (much older & fully clothed) walked right passed us. Not until they were a short distance away did one of them say “We ought to have stopped and shared a drink, they wouldn’t complain !”

  2. Being with nature in the open countryside reminds me of being a part of life. Naked time among the fields, the grasses & the tree’s is a wonderful feeling. Even the creatures of the country seem to welcome you, a small rabbit hopped across the pathway, then it stopped until I was stood right there with it. Wonderful, we have a right to be there !

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