Noreen's Quest

In my early years we had the same neighbour for a good many years, even when we moved to a new housing estate we moved together. Widow 'Noreen' had 3 children all around the same age as myself & my sister. As you may know our household was well used to nakedness, so Noreen on her fairly frequent visits was used to seeing all of us nude. So were her children although they rarely undressed near us. Noreen always had an ambition to see my dads genitals, in particular his 'willy'! She had often seen his nakedness but he always covered his groin area just to tease her.
Over many years she used many 'ploys' to catch a glimpse, but always failed. Until . . . ?
In my fathers last weeks alive he suffered very critically with a coal dust condition of his lungs & respiratory tracts. This was a result of his many years as a coal miner through the late 1940's & most of the 1950's. In those last weeks he was back home having spent months in medical care & convalescence. In his bedridden times he just wore a pyjama jacket in bed, although he sometimes managed a short walk to the bathroom.
Noreen was a strong & valued support to my mother & her children eased the times for my sister & myself. One particular day Noreen made a big pot of tea for us in our kitchen & served it along with genuine care & compassion.
My mother asked her to take a 'brew' up to dad knowing he would always welcome her smiles too. No one knew that at the same time dad would decide to go to the bathroom wearing just his jacket! As Noreen rounded the top of the stairs dad was just there, right in her full view!
With one loud gasp Noreen dropped the mug of tea & yelled "Rosie I've seen it! I've seen his willy!"
Even after many years had gone & our families had moved miles apart, my loving dad had also gone from life, Noreen came back to see us and natter. She recalled the many happy years with us and indeed we all laughed about the day she came 'face to face' with dads bouncing genitals & indeed his willy!

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  1. It wasn't that she wasn't allowed to look, it was the fun & enjoyment my father had in making sure she was on an 'eternal' quest or a game of trying to catch sight of the elusive.
    My father was by no means shy of anyone seeing him naked, no doubt very many people did see him. He had a marvellous sense of humour & fun, he sometimes used a mock tone saying things like "Oh that bloody woman!" & "Here she comes, the eye's & ears of the world".
    When Noreen actually saw dad at the top of the stairs she was just overwhelmed at the actual realization of her ambition.

  2. Of course women enjoy looking at men as much as men enjoy looking at women, maybe more. What surprises me in this story is that the husband and father kept his "willy" hidden in a house that was "well used to nakedness." It seems strange that the neighbor wasn't allowed to look all she liked whenever she came over during all those years.

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