Nude TV…Like it, Love it, Hate it…what say the nudist?

So I begin this blog with a link to an article that I had to read a few times. The authors views are very adamant in being against Naked TV, and I think the biggest reason being is that he is associating nudity with sex (Link:

With the exception of Dating Naked, I can't think of a "Naked TV" show that is designed to offer any kind of sexual gratification by watching it. Naked and Afraid for example (A show I really enjoy watching) is about getting primal and taking everything down to man/woman against nature. 21 days with nothing but their own instincts for survival. As members of this show will say (at great lengths) there is no sexual urge to do anything, all their focus is on surviving. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I forget if it was Tom or Mary Clare from Terra Cotta Inn who has said they have been approached numerous times about doing a Reality TV Show about running a Nudist Resort. The problem they find is that the reality is that nudist resorts are just too boring for Reality TV. So go figure…

      • It wasn't her butt, they rarely blur butts, it was her crotch (as viewed from the rear bending over) that was not blurred out. But like Patrick says…you are going on a television show to be naked and you sue because a censor missed a mark? Big freakin' deal. Personally I really hope the judge dismisses the case. Waste of money.

      • Last year, I was asked to be a TV spot on naked yoga. My teacher (and virtual little sister) and several friends were filmed in a class, but I chose not to be in the class footage precisely because of the blurring.

        It felt to me that that censorship (and highlighting of alleged "naughty bits") contradicted the message we wanted to get out. If the footage had been going to be broadcast uncensored, I'd have been in the segment without a qualm (or a blur).

        Of course, I supported the others in their decision to go ahead with the sequence, and joined them for the second, clothed, studio audience part of the show.

        If anyone's interested n the segment, let me know and I'll post the URL of the onlne version.

        • Just as a point of interest here, can folks please add either a "YES" or a "NO" to this thread if you would appear totally naked in a TV show about naturism if it was filmed by naturists with genuine & truthful 'voiceover' commentary. We both would, so I add our "YES".

          • Oh well, I sort of answered it. But in a nutshell, of course yes.

            With a bunch of friends, I was filmed naked on a beach for a naturist promo about a decade back but to the best of my knowledge that didn't get released. My ex wife and I did the narration for a naturist film (on Bélézy in Provence) but that was all off-camera, since the producer was too cheap to fly us there. Damn!

            I wouldn't require the filming to be done by naturists. Any competent crew would be fine. The main issue would be that the story not be treated exploitatively or disrespectfully. (Those in my yoga crew who were filmed for the show mentioned above were pretty ambivalent about the aired footage and put together a response to it on YouTube).

  2. Well said. I like your method. I do agree that there are some who try too hard. But every organization and group is going to have fanatics who must prove a point. Nothing wrong with passion, but there is no need to be forceful. Thank you for the incite Patrick.

  3. I think that naturists are sometimes guilty of trying too hard to make people 'understand'. My own way of getting our naturist lifestyle choices accepted by friends & family, is simply to be a naturist. When we choose to be naked in our own home and/or gardens that's just what we do. If anyone comes into our home at those times they have to accept what they see/find. When we visit family or friends that totally accept naturism (even if not for themselves) we are often naked in their homes. There have been some 'amusing incidents' but in some small way we have taken our nude life out to others. Some people now accept that we prefer to be naked, it is just a lifestyle, one that is most natural to us, one that we don't feel we need to photograph or publicise. We may be perceived by some as being slightly 'odd', but we are accepted with goodness and happiness.

  4. Thank you for the comments Marc. I think it is definitely having an effect on American audiences. In the States, it's no secret that we have NOT outgrown our Puritanical roots. But as this article points out:

    Submitting audiences to nudism has an impact. Granted it's more of a "Clockwork Orange" methodology, but it is helping (in my opinion) the average person to become more comfortable with the state of being nude.

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