Our Health – do we really care?

I was just looking through some of my old nude photos when I saw how fat I was at one point in my life. That prompted me to post two photos – one taken 7 years ago and another taken last month. I then gave the simple solution how I lost all the weight. It's a simple solution but nobody will really follow it. That's how strange we really are. But the photos should say something to us. It's now 1am and I should be sleeping but take a look at what I wrote here http://naturistrebel.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/code-b001-photos-that-chart-our-health/
It's password-protected and the password for this entry is healthissue (all small letters and no space between). I've password-protected my blog since some of my friends were prosecuted in Penang for some nudist activity on a deserted beach. I don't want to give the prosecution any ammunition.

Basically, my argument is just stop driving and ride a bike. It's that simple but most people won't really do it.

I also noticed something from the two photos. When I was fat, my entire body seemed choked as is clear from the pic. I'm wondering if obesity can affect penile health. If circulation is disrupted, surely the extremities of our body will be affected. But I'm not a medical man so it's just wild speculation.

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  1. Ernest, I was shocked and still am by what happened in Malaysia… it's really sad. When it comes to health, glad you took action. Our health is between our own hands and our hands only. It's our decisions and actions that make who we are.

  2. Honestly, what really shocked me was the change in my penile size. I know this shouldn't matter but I'll be lying if I say it does not matter to me. If my organs were all being choked up because of obesity, surely I had to do something. That's is why taking photos of our bodies is so important. I would never have known this if I hadn't taken photos then and now.

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