Nudism, then and now

A while ago, I wrote the following message to a variety of individuals. Because I was struggling with the nudist inside of me and I just couldn't handle the amount of stress I was causing myself.

"To whom it may concern:
I write to the authors of this blog/site in an attempt to find acceptance and to seek out advice. With that said, I have a very simple question…

How does one gain acceptance for their lifestyle choices without being thrown into the fires?

I am sorry, that question is way to broad of a subject to begin. So, I will offer some background, before I delve deeper into the question. As far as I can remember, and that is pretty far, I have always been comfortable with being nude. Now as a grown up who can rationalize grown up thoughts, I feel nudity as a sense of freedom, and for lack of better word, it feels pure.

I love being naked, I love being outdoors naked, I love to swim naked, I love to hike, garden and be naked. To me, there is no better sense of being than, being nude. I spend as much time as I can naked because it just feels natural.

Fortunate for me, I have a wife who understands this need, and allows me the freedom to express that need when ever I feel. She enjoys that same freedom, but is a lot more refined in her desires to express them, which is OK. I accept her comfort levels and I never pressure her, I may encourage her, but I know when the limit will be set.

So how does one move beyond hiding nudism? How does one begin to openly announce they enjoy nudism to their friends, family, colleagues and other social groups without becoming a social pariah? I understand there is nothing wrong with nudity. I do, however, know that the people that I associate with on a fairly regular basis would sooner judge me a sexual deviant than as a free spirit.

I envy the courage of those who have gone before me who have thrown caution to the wind and I need to know, how do I get to that step?"

I received few replies, and I can understand why. This was a tall order to fill, so to speak. If this question were posed to me now, I would reply something to the effect of "It's different for everybody, and you need to find which way works best for you that still allows you to be who you are and want to be."

There is no way to avoid becoming the social pariah, you have to express yourself at a level that is comfortable for the environment you are in. I have come to understand that my town will not accept me if I were to walk around town nude. I would, without a doubt be arrested on the spot. This is not something that I wish to have happen to me and I do not wish to put my son in a position where he will need to explain his fathers actions. My willingness and want to be nude "all the time" is going to be what is morally right.

Fortunate for me, I am still very young, and my son will be 18 very shortly. My wife and I will have plenty of time to get out and explore the world for all that it has to offer. Nude and clothed. Nudism will always be a part of me and I have just learned when to take advantage of every chance to rip of my repressive clothes. If that means for the time being that is the comfort of my home, and when I go camping/hiking then that's where it needs to stay for now.

Thank you,
Martin (Cheers)

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  1. It is a lot easier to be open about being a nudist if you don't have a job where your liking for this will possibly cause you problems (i.e. education), from unenlightened people and 'authorities'.

    Ever since I became an 'out' nudist years ago, I've wished I'd done it sooner. By 'out' I mean I'm open to telling anyone that I am a nudist and don't care who sees me nude in real life or in photos.

    I did have work issues to deal with previously, but a slow process of coming 'out' to people there simply made me realise that I didn't care what people may do or say there. I could live with getting work done and know there was nothing wrong with being a nudist, no matter what a few people felt (fortunately most work colleagues had no problem with my nudism).

    Those that regarded me with suspicion, or similar type reactions, I just dealt with in a work related way, and decided I didn't need to have their approval. I'm a nudist, so what if others find that difficult to deal with. Its the same if I learn of their liking for interests that have no appeal to me personally, as long as it harms no one, they can more or less do what they like as far as I'm concerned.

    However, we all have different groups of people to deal with in being open about our nudism, so how people will react will vary according to circumstances.

  2. I went through this and one day i just got fed up with hiding it so i just told all my friends. Their reaction surprised me and they simply said 'Doesnt surprise us'. I think just be truthful is the key and if they are true friends they will accept that is what you like to do. My parents were ok with it and said as long as you enjoy it who are they to tell me what to do. My wifes mum said ok and her dad had to be straightened about what naturism is all about and he is ok with it.My neighbours know as i told them and asked if they mind me sunbathing nude, they have no probs with it. I have it on my fb page info and made an announcement telling other friends on there. We have made some wonderful naturist friends and we still are making them so you will never be alone. I dont think most towns would accept anyone walking around nude unless it is a resort and the whole town is nude. I wouldnt think you would become a social outcast as more than likely there are a few in your town who hide it.

  3. I expect most people, who have not been brought up in nudist-families, and maybe some who have, feel some concern over how to "come out naked". I use the phrase deliberately, as I think the gay community has demonstrated clearly how to turn a social pariah into a legally protected status. Do not confuse "morally right", with what is the currently accepted social norm. We all assume we know what is "right", when actually it is more often simply conforming to the habits of those around us.

    In terms of what is right for each individual, whether home-nudist, naked-hiker, artists-model, beach-nudist, club-nudist, etc. It's like what clothes you wear each day, or not, it's a personal choice and everyone should be free to wear, or not, whatever they wish to in any context.

    I can say that of all the people with whom I have discussed my penchant for being naked, the single, only, person to have had an issue with it, is my wife. Sadly. The neighbours don't care, they've seen me naked and invite me for dinner (clothed). The postman doesn't care, he's seen me naked at the door to sign for a parcel. Other hikers don't care, (even if they're a bit surprised at first), and we exchange pleasantries and go about our own business of enjoying the natural mountain scenery. My work colleagues don't care, my work avatar is a naked Southpark figure. The list just goes on and on and on.

    Really, no-one is that bothered if you're naked from time to time, these days. The publicity is working…

  4. I love this Martin, it's reflective and poignant concurrently and gives us all a little journey inside your mind as you wrestle with the liberations and frustrations nudism has thrown up for you. What's more, it's great to see people openly throwing their arms in the air and saying, "Hey, I'm a nudist/naturist." The more people who do that the greater the level of acceptance. Socks off!

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