Odd morning, package arrival

A really funny incident occurred yesterday, involving our near neighbours ( who are also naturists) and a very confused parcel delivery person.
My wife and myself were expecting the delivery of quite a large parcel and fortunately the company concerned rang us to confirm the day & approximate time of delivery. The person I spoke to asked if we would need the parcel carried into our home and have the outer packaging taken away. As this was a very unusual conversation we decided to make certain that they would be aware that we would probably be naked and as I am classified as 'disabled' I would not be able to physically assist the delivery staff. The phone person said all of that would be fine, the delivery staff have many years of experience and it is rare to come across any situation that they haven't previously dealt with.
Yesterday, quite early, our two friends popped across to have a 'coffee morning' with us. They are quite content to be naked with us & yesterday was no exception. Within moments of their arrival we all sat around the kitchen table naked & chatting quite happily. (our neighbours are both in their 30's and very helpfully agile!). At about 10:30am the parcel delivery man came, as requested up to our back door. He smiled calmly as he confirmed all of the delivery details & his eyes had soon scanned all four of us. Soon he and is fellow delivery person carried the large package into our kitchen. Although our friends offered to assist the unpacking the two men were quite adamant that they would be fine.
Our nudity seemed of no consequence, they began taking the cardboard away and then the younger chap said, " Could I possible use your bathroom, I urgently need to?" Of course we said yes. When he emerged from the bathroom and tentatively peeped back into the kitchen he said to his colleague. "Will you get my spare trousers from the truck please, I have split my trouser seem and with having no underwear on I am 'overexposed!'. His mate laughed and answered that he would bring the new pants but he sensibly asked his friend, "Why be embarrassed at being half naked in a room with four naked people?" The man laughed too and then emerged into the kitchen with only his upper body covered.
Later as the 're-panted' man started to leave with his colleague he said, "My own wife rarely see's me half naked, so when I tell her about this episode she will be so embarrassed, but I think maybe your own nudity, all four of you, has awakened a feeling about naturism in me that I'll need to discuss with her."
All four of us laughed and chatted for another 2 hours, what a fabulously odd morning that was!

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  1. It seems when I was young there was a constant stream of friends and relatives visiting my family's 3rd floor apartment. I also walked with her to and from the grocery store. That could take much longer than required by the distance due to constantly stopping for conversations with neighbors. Brooklyn was composed of hundreds, nay thousands of small neighborhoods. I would hear conversations in English, Italian or Maltese depending on who was about.
    Suburban life with the need to drive everywhere changed that. Your blog often reminds me of "home" except for the nudity.

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