OH What do I do?

Next week over the Easter Weekend my wife, kids and I are going away for the weekend. My in laws are joining us on the trip. Now I get along with my in laws very well and really don't have any issues with travelling with them or staying with them whilst we are all on holiday. But what do I do with wanting to be nude?

The first thing I do when I get home after work is remove them and stay that way until we either go out or go to work the next day. Now we spending 4 nights together.

So what do I do? Stay nude in bedroom and wear clothing the rest of the time or do I take the liberty of walking around the apartment we renting, regardless the fact that my in laws are there?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Thanks for all your responses. My wife pre warned her parents that I may be nude in the bedroom. My father in law came in a few times and did not bat a eyelid my mom in law came in twice, but I feel she felt uncomfortable with it. By the end of the weekend I did not walk around through the whole place but I would walk to the kitchen or bathroom without dressing. All went well.

    Now the next stage is to remain undressed when they visit and we are planning a small day hike with my father in law, depending on how busy the hike is I may strip down and do some nude walking.

    • Great to read Brent. One small victory after the other, this how we make others realize there's more good than harm in being a nudist. Actually there's no harm at all, but non nudists feel uncomfortable with it and may see it harmful.

  2. What's your wife point of view on this? As Paolo shared, do talk about it and see their reaction. If they are not against, then undress, and check how you feel. If you are good and they are good, stay naked. You will have won a great battle towards sharing your lifestyle. Let us know how it went.

  3. I'd drop the clothing optional thing in a casual conversation before actually doing it, and see the reactions. If they dont already know of your lifestyle you can still talk about it, maybe you'll end up all naked and happy.
    I'm a naked man all the time I can, when I have to put something on in my home I do usually talk about it. Good luck!!

  4. I agree with Nat; it's best to make nearly any sacrifice to stay on your in-laws good side! You might wanna talk to them if you feel courageous enough and/or just put up with those noxious threads for a few days. Do it for your spouse's sake!

  5. Have you talked to them about this? It would be great if they support you or even join you in the nude! Anyway, I would try not to offend them. Getting into trouble with your in laws is never a good idea, even if that involves having to wear clothes for a few days.

  6. I'm lucky in that my father in law doesn't bat an eyelid if I am naked, we've always had an open door house and if he pops in and I'm naked no problem, we are lucky to have a very close relationship, same if he stays or if we are on holiday as he travels with us a lot. When my mother in law was alive I was more discrete around her, but if I was in the bath with the kids etc again she would sometimes come in and help get them dried etc or sometimes she would see me getting changed etc and was relaxed about it . I guess it is entirely a trust thing and knowing them well enough or rather being totally comfortable in their presence and knowing their boundaries.

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